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12 Biggest Fish in the World

Fish come in all shapes and sizes. Some measure at just a few inches long, while others, like the world’s biggest fish, are as big as two school buses!

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the largest fish is a gentle giant. Here are 12 of the biggest fish in the world

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5. Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

The Giant Oceanic Manta Ray can grow up to 23 feet wide and weigh more than a ton. It is found globally in tropical and subtropical waters.

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4. Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is one of the biggest fish globally that doesn’t eat plankton or other types of fish – it preys on dolphins, seals, sea turtles, and other sharks.

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3. Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is one of the most feared creatures in the sea, but it’s also one of the largest. Its name comes from its white belly.

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2. Basking Shark

The Basking Shark is another giant of the seas, with adults growing up to 40 feet long. The basking shark doesn’t look as imposing as other large fish.

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1. Whale Shark

The whale shark belongs to the group of sharks known as Rhincodontidae, and you can find it in tropical and warm oceans around the world.

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