Must-Visit Fishing Spots in San Antonio

Having a hard time finding the perfect fishing spots in San Antonio? Worry no more! These San Antonio fishing spots are favorites of many beginners and expert anglers because of their clear water and rich marine life. Some sites also have amenities like a water play area, hiking trails, picnic tables, a community center, and more so your family can tag along. 

Calaveras Lake Park

Motor boat at the Calaveras Lake Park in San Antonio, Texas

Twenty miles south of San Antonio, you will find the Calaveras Lake Park, a camping and recreational park. Here, you can catch all kinds of fish, including red drum, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, and even blue catfish. 

If you want to channel catfish, you will also find them at Calaveras Lake Park! Just make sure that you plan your visit anywhere from March to May, when the weather is more favorable. 

As for red drum fishing, visit the park between March and August. There is a daily bag limit, though. You can only bag three; it should be at least 20 inches long. 

Brackenridge Park

Photo of Brackenridge Park in Texas

Brackenridge Park is on San Antonio’s Broadway Corridor, barely north of downtown. It is home to part of the San Antonio River, the San Antonio Zoo, and other cool places. 

Brackenridge is one of the best fishing spots in San Antonio. Their pond is part of the Neighbor Fishin’ program, so they stock it with channel catfish. 

Unfortunately, this San Antonio fishing spot is not free to visit. You’ll have to pay $100 if you go Monday through Thursday and $140 when you visit Friday through Sunday. 

Woodlawn Lake Park

Photo of Woodlawn Lake Park in San Antonio, Texas

At Woodlawn Lake Park, you can choose from a long list of amenities, including a dog park, a grill, multiple playgrounds, restrooms, a tennis court, and several more. 

A recently renovated community room includes new fiber optic lines, so you have WiFi access to check the weather from one of these best fishing apps

There are two fishing spots at Woodlawn Lake Park. You can cast from the bank or the fishing pier. 

South Side Lions Park

View of South Side Lions Park in San Antonio, Texas

At this park,  you’ll find trails, outdoor and indoor pools, parks, and recreational activities like tennis. You can even rent one of their four pavilions. They are one of the two lakes in San Antonio that is part of the Neighborhood Fishin’ program, so they are regularly stocked with catfish and trout.

Wondering how you can get to South Side Lions Park? You can get this fishing spot by heading West on E Southcross Boulevard. Make a right turn past Salado Creek; the park is off Pecan Valley Drive. 

Earl Scott Pond

Earl Scott Pond is another state fishing pond. It doesn’t have any amenities, but you can catch trout, catfish, and bass. You can find this pond North of I-410 in the Greenway, a very short distance from Rohde Park by the Buddy Calk trailhead.

Elmendorf Lake Park

Bridge at Elmendorf Lake Park

Elmendorf Lake Park has some beautiful scenery, including a bridge that stretches across the lake and a variety of vegetation. 

Plus, this park has several trails, pools, and fitness stations for you to take advantage of. These amenities are, however, first come, first serve, except for the swimming pool, which you can rent by calling the park. 

You can try catching largemouth bass, channel catfish, and bluegill. The best time to fish here would be between three and five in the morning, ten and eleven in the afternoon, and seven through eleven at night.

Miller’s Pond

Miller’s Pond is a large, manmade pond you should visit in San Antonio. 

You can find this little spot on the southwest side of town. You can rent their pavilion by paying $60 during the week and $120 on the weekend. 

Miller’s Pond is one of the best places to fish in San Antonio if you want to catch channel catfish, blue catfish, and largemouth bass. If you are taking your family with you, there is a large area around this pond.

John Randolph Wheeler Park

Photo of Wheeler Park in Texas

You can enjoy walking trails, benches, picnic areas, and luscious greenery. Of course, you can also catch catfish here. 

Don’t expect this fishing spot to be massive, though. Wheeler Park is a quaint park suitable only for bank fishing. The good news? There is no entrance fee at Wheeler Park. 

You’ll be able to find this fishing spot between Butternut Boulevard and Lakeside Parkway.

Converse North Park City Lake

If you prefer a fishing spot in San Antonio that you and your family can enjoy, the Converse North Park City Lake is one of the best. They’ve got multiple amenities for the family, including pavilions, pools, and nine ball fields! They’ve also got a picnic area that you can rent. 

So far this year, it looks like you can find largemouth bass and lone star bass. They have not stocked channel catfish since 2021

Converse North Park City Lake is located just behind the Judson Secondary Alternative school on Willow Drive. 

Boerne City Lake Park

Boerne City Lake Park is located roughly a mile northwest of town off upper Cibolo Creek Road. 

There are lots of amenities, including: 

  •  A covered playground
  • An 18-hole frisbee golf course
  • Volleyball court
  • Pavillions with WiFi accessibility 
  • Boat dock and launch 
  • Bird observation 
  • Butterfly garden 

What more can you ask for? This is definitely one of the greatest fishing spots in San Antonio, especially for family outings! 

Although there is a boat dock and launch, you cannot use motorized boats – the lake is the city’s drinking water source. 

General admission is $10 Monday through Thursday, $15 Friday through Sunday, and $20 on holidays. City residents get in for free, though. 

Victor Braunig Lake

Victor Braunig Lake in Texas

You can find Victor Braunig Lake on Calaveras Creek and Chupaderas Creek, just 17 miles from downtown. 

This fishing spot has everything you could ask for, including boat ramps, boat rentals, lighted fishing piers, and fish cleaning stations. Plus, you’ll be able to fish for blue catfish, channel catfish, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, and red drum.

There is a small entrance fee of $6 per adult (16 and older) and $4 for children and those ages 65 and older. 

Fishing in San Antonio FAQ

Do I Need a License to Fish in San Antonio?

Yes. You will need a fishing license to fish anywhere in San Antonio, including these parks listed above, you must have a valid fishing license. If you don’t have a fishing license, you can get it online through Texas Parks and Wildlife’s website

Is There a Freshwater Catch Limit in San Antonio?

Yes, there is a freshwater catch limit in San Antonio. The limitation depends on the species. 

For instance, you can catch largemouth and smallmouth bass if they are at a minimum length of 14 inches. On the other hand, a striped and hybrid striped bass must be at least 18 inches long for you to keep it.

There are many other limitations for the different fish species, so review the fishing regulations and limits online.

What Is the Daily Bag Limit in San Antonio?

The daily bag limit in San Antonio will depend on the species. For instance, if you want to catch fish all day long, the white bass has a daily bag limit of 25, and the yellow bass does not have a limit. 

You can catch five flathead catfish and 25 crappies daily, but only one Alligator Gar. 

Gon’ Fishin’

Hopefully, now you know all about the fishing spots in San Antonio! Each is unique and has different amenities to suit your and your family. 

Many of them are free to visit, which is great! And the ones that do tend to have a wider selection of amenities and offer different outdoor activities.