Gearing Up For A Day On The Water? Download These Fishing Apps First

Do you want a more productive day out in the water? These best fishing apps not only give you the usual sunrise and sunset times and marine weather forecasts, but they are also loaded with built-in features like instant fish verification, satellite imagery, sea surface temperature, and access to other anglers’ favorite fishing spots! 

The apps we’ve included below are available on iOS and Android. Most of them are free to download, but paid upgrades give you access to more features like GPS plotter, moonset, water depth, and nautical charts.


Fishbrain app

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The Fishbrain app gives you a lot of features that make your fishing time more convenient and successful. 

First, it uses Navionics depth maps, so you have visual imagery of your favorite fishing spot’s bottom contour details. The app also has an advanced AI algorithm that suggests new locations to discover and explore for your next fishing trip

With Fishbrain, you can also view what other anglers in your area use for bait. You can even order directly through the app – talk about convenience! 

Another great thing about Fishbrain is that you have your digital fishing logbook, as well as a weekly fishing forecast. 

But what makes Fishbrain a must-download app is its active and large community! It connects you to other anglers, so you can share and receive tips on gear and bait. You can even discuss good fishing locations in your area. 

Fishbrain is available on iOS and Android. You can download the basic version for free. If you want access to more features like more fishing hotspots, you’ll need to pay $9.99 a month for the premium version. 



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This app allows you to access a log book and record your catches without touching your phone. The secret is in the Bluetooth-ready, waterproof fishing tracker called Bullseye. 

  • With just one click, you can either record your catch or activate the camera. 
  • When you press and hold the clip, you can swap to another fishing gear. 
  • Double-clicking the clip allows you to create a waypoint. 

This hands-free and ultra-convenient device is included with the ANGLR Pro subscription ($2.50 a month or $29.99 per year). But, you can purchase it separately and pair it with a free paid version of the app. 

However, we suggest going for the paid version because you get to enjoy more perks, including: 

  • Satellite and topographic maps
  • Real-time NOAA & USGS info charts
  • High-quality and detailed satellite imagery and maps 
  • Bullseye Fishing Tracker. 

This is on top of the app’s monthly fishing challenges, logbook, and share functionality. 



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FishAngler’s tagline is “explore, catch, and connect.” And it does just that. 

Its explore feature allows you to access advanced map layers, so you can conveniently explore fishing spots, rivers, and oceans on your smartphone. 

FishAngler boasts a weekly real-time weather forecast. The difference is that FishAngler can also provide you with moon phases and forecasts for wind, tidal, sun, and barometric pressure. 

Like other apps on our list, you also have a logbook for recording catches. There is also an active and growing community that includes local and international anglers to connect with! 

Other notable features of this fishing app are: 

  • Aggregated gear recommendations 
  • Social newsfeed 
  • Fishing clubs and groups 
  • Over 30,000 fish species database 

The best thing about this app is you can have local fishing intel. The app can display catches by species per month, gear used, and more. Moreover, it is one of the best free fishing apps on iOS and Android! 

Fishing Spots


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Fishing Spots is one of the best fishing apps for locating an excellent lake or pond for fishing. This app has several features, including a photos section where you can post pictures of your latest catch.

The real highlight of the Fishing Spots app is the social component. You can compare photos of the fish you’ve caught and receive good advice on improving your fishing technique.

The app allows you to add a location to your posts or photos. This way, others can see them and get a good idea of where to find a good fishing spot. 

Another extra perk of Fishing Spots is the fish identification section.

Pro Angler


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Pro Angler is also an exceptional fishing app, especially if you’re hunting for your next fishing location. This is because it can provide you with all the major fishing waterways – offshore and inshore! 

On top of that, you’ll get weather updates and tidal wave information. 

Like other fishing spot apps, Pro Angler has a social site where you can get tips on the best places for fishing. You can learn about bait and tackle shops in your area and receive fishing tips from other anglers. 

One unique feature of the Pro Angler that you won’t find in other apps is that you can use it to locate boat ramps. There are also how-to videos for knots and baits and a full-species guide.

Fishing Times


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This app, as its name suggests, gives you when is the best time to go fishing. 

For instance, if you choose a fishing date, the app will display key information such as:

  • Day rating
  • Major times
  • Minor times
  • Moonphase (moonrise, moonset, and illumination)
  • Sunrise and sunset 
  • Tide Station 
  • Tide details (low and high)

You can access these details by referring to the solunar clock. The green bar represents the major and minor fishing times, and the blue bar is for the tidal times. At the clock’s center, you will find the moon phase, while the outer edges are for the moon phase and sunrise and sunset.

Other useful features of Fishing Times include a fishing location map and calendar. 



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If you prefer one fishing app on your smartphone, you should consider getting WeFish. 

This app boasts all the features you need for fishing. One of which is its accurate fishing forecast known as FishGuru. 

This feature gives you access to the most active fish species in your area and how you can successfully catch them. For instance, if you search red drum, the app will pull up details such as recommended moon phase and the type of baits and colors. 

WeFish also has an angler’s corner, where you can upload pictures and videos of your fishing trip – think of it like Instagram but for fishing! 

There is also a dedicated marketplace within the app so you can buy and sell fishing gear! Other welcome features of WeFish are the FishLab, fishing challenges, fishing trip planner, and more! 

Fish Verify


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Struggling to identify different species? Download Fish Verify! Just take a picture of your catch, upload it on the app, and Fish Verify’s AI can identify it within seconds. The app has a logbook of 176 freshwater species and 325 saltwater species. 

This app is not only for fish verification. It also keeps you updated with the latest fishing rules and federal regulations. This feature shows you the bag limit, size limit, and other details like the season, edibility, and state record of your target fish. 

Fish Verify also includes a catch log and catch map. 

Fish Weather


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Started in 2005, Fish Weather continues to be one of the best fishing apps you can get. 

This app pulls data from over 50,000 weather stations, which means more accurate information on your phone! Unlike other weather apps for fishing, Fish Weather also gives you access to custom maps and layers so you can conveniently plot your fishing trail. 

You’ll have information on water temperatures, rising tides, seasonal winds, and wind history. 

Fish Deeper App


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Seasoned saltwater anglers love the Fish Deeper app because they can plan their trip and search for new fishing spots. 

Unlike other fishing apps on our list, the Fish Deeper app boasts accurate depth maps of water within your area. If you want to explore a new location, simply use the app’s search feature, and you can choose your next fishing trip spot right at your fingertips. 

Another great thing about the Fish Deeper app is you can download the maps to your device. So, when you are out in the water, you can conveniently and quickly check the map even without internet access. 

You can unlock this app’s full potential when you use it with the Deeper castable sonar device. Once paired, the app can display real-time sonar charts or readings on your device. 

Fish Track


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Fish Track is another reliable and accurate app for fishing that you should download ASAP. 

This app can provide you with all the details that you need for your fishing trip, including: 

  • Cloudfree Sea Surface Temperature (SST)
  • Water temperature charts
  • Marine weather forecasts
  • High-res satellite imagery 
  • Chlorophyll Imagery

You can even view global data and even bookmark your favorite fishing hotspots. It also gives you waypoints that help you plan each trip with precision.

One exceptional feature of Fish Track is that you can use the app without being connected to the internet! 

Fish Rules


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The Fish Rules app simplifies the complexity surrounding fishing regulations with its easy-to-understand app design and interface. In just one glance, you can identify your target fish’s ideal fishing season, how many you can reel in, and if there is a size limit. 

If you don’t have access to the internet while fishing, don’t worry! The app relies on GPS to pull data from your location!

You can also take a picture of fish, upload it on the app, and you can identify your catch. If you subscribe to the app, you can also have a pro angler identify it within 48 hours. 

Other features include bookmarked locations and over 10,000 reef locations. 



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This app is used in conjunction with the iBobber fish finder. 

With the castable fish finder connected to the app, you get a front-row seat of the fish’s swimming depth. You can also view the water temperature and map the water bed. In addition to these features, you will also enjoy iBobber’s other features, including a lunar calendar, strike alarm, trip log, and weather forecasts. 

Reeling It In

If this seems like a lot to reel in, don’t worry. Each of these fly fishing apps has unique features that help you hone your angling skills, find the best fishing spots, and connect with other anglers across the globe!