Bait and Tackle Shop Locator: Find Tackle Shops Near Me

Local bait and tackle shops are great places to get live bait and stock up on tackle before your next fishing trip. But where can you find one? If you’ve ever searched “live bait near me”, “bait shop near me”, or “live minnows near me” into Google, you know it can still be hard to find a great bait shop. To help you, we have created a special Google Map to help you find a local bait shop near you.

What Do Bait Shops Sell?

Bait shops are a fisherman’s best friend. In addition to live bait, bait shops typically sell everything you need for a day of fishing. Everything from snacks to lures and artificial bait.

Depending on where you live, the following live bait might be available:

  • minnows
  • chubs
  • suckers
  • worms
  • grubs
  • crayfish
  • wigglers (including mayfly nymphs)

Finding a Live Bait Shop Near Me and Tackle Shops Nearby

Finding a reliable local bait shop can be hard, especially if you live in a large city or remote place. Everyone knows that live bait works the best, so it is important to find a bait shop that will have the live bait that you need. We are here to help you find bait and tackle shops near you so that you can get on with fishing.

Use the map below to find the nearest live bait shop. We recommend viewing it in a Chrome browser.

Finding Bait Shops Online

If you prefer shopping online for convenience, you can order live bait online. Since shipping is required, you won’t get your live bait or tackle immediately, so you will have to plan to order several days before you plan to go fishing. Here are several places online where you can find live bait:


Sellers on Amazon offer live bait that can be delivered within as little as a day. They offer everything from worms and mealworms to frozen fish. See live bait here.

Speedy Worm

Specializing in worms (as the name suggests), this website offers a variety of worms (nightcrawlers, mealworms, etc.) for shipping to your door. Check it out here.

Best Bait

This website offers a wide variety of live bait including worms, crawfish, and leeches as well as preserved bait. They have free shipping on all orders. Check it out here.

How to Keep Your Live Bait Fresh

Once you receive your live bait, whether it is from a bait shop near you or order online, you need to keep it cool since it can be expensive so you do not want to lose it. Live bait should be put in the refrigerator or a live bait cooler. Dead bait should be put in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.

Live Bait Coolers

Below are some of our favorite live bait coolers. They are well designed for keeping your live bait as fresh as possible once you buy it from a local bait shop or get it delivered. The best live bait coolers have battery-powered aerators so that your bait stays healthy until you’re ready to use it.

No products found.

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Bait Bucket Lids

Another option is using standard 3.4, 5, or 6-gallon buckets and adding a ventilated list. Some come with openings for aerators as well.

Flambeau Outdoors 6062BC Premium Bait Bucket Lid, Easy-Access Live Bait Storage Accessory, Lime Green

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In-Water Bait Containers

Designed to float behind a boat or next to your wading spot, these containers keep your bait alive by submerging them in water. Holes on the lids allow for aeration and easy flow through when being dragged.

Frabill Flow Troll Bait Container, 6-Quart, Yellow/White

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