12 Things You Need for Your Next Fishing Trip

Hopefully, your last fishing trip went off without a hitch, but we’re here to make your next trip even better!

We’ve scoured the internet to find you the coolest fishing gear that will make your next fishing trip more exciting and rewarding.

1. A fish finder that you won’t want to tell your buddies about.

The Garmin Striker 4 has a built-in GPS and sonar which will help you catch more fish than your buddies. Gone are the days of hoping the fish will be in your favorite fishing spot. Now you can see them!

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2. A way to hold your prize catch for the perfect photo without getting your fingers bitten off.

This nifty tool holds the mouth of a fish so that you don’t have to hold it with your own hands. It’s a great way to hold your catch while your buddy gets the camera ready. It’s a must-have for any tackle box.

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3. A fish scale that you can brag about and brag with.

Not only will you want the photo of your prized catch, but you’ll certainly want to brag about its weight. This fish scale by Mango Spot will help you do just that. With a load capacity of up to 110lbs, you’ll be showing off in no time.

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4. The fishing chair that will make your fishing buddies envy you.

Not only is this chair extremely comfortable, but it also includes a fishing rod holder so you can just lean back and wait for the fish to bite.

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5. The fishing towels that will let you finally clean off those slimy hands.

No more wiping your hands on your pants or waders, these towels conveniently clip on anywhere so you can wipe your hands whether you’re on shore or in the water. They’re so small that they can fit in any tackle box or vest with ease.

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6. The cooler that will keep your drinks and fish cold in the same container.

engel fishing coolerThe great thing about this Engel cooler is that it has two compartments. The main area can be used for ice and drinks, and the tray that fits inside can hold your fish. No need to carry separate coolers.wi

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7. The fishing pliers that make removing fish hooks a breeze.

No more wrestling with removing a fish hook from the mouth of the catch you just made. These fishing pliers make the task extremely simple and also come with line cutters so you can carry fewer tools.

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8. The ultimate cheat sheet for fishing knots so you’ll look like a pro.

knots cheatsheetTying the right knots while fishing is essential if you want to catch fish. The worst thing that could happen is that a fish comes flying off of your line because a knot came undone. This handy knot guide is perfect for your next fishing trip. It is waterproof and can be tucked pretty much anywhere.

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9. The phone case that can survive a dip in the river.

You were wrestling with that 15-pound bass when suddenly your phone fell out of your pocket and into the water. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you on your next fishing trip by getting this handy waterproof phone case. It comes with a lanyard that conveniently goes around your neck so that your phone is both waterproof and accessible.

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10. The fishing net that you won’t be embarrassed to use in front of your buddies.

Fishing is hard enough as is. Why make it harder by struggling to get that hard-earned fish into your boat or onto the dock. Get this great telescoping net to make your next catch an easier one.

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11. The cooler accessory that will hold your drinks, tackle, and more.

Umpqua Cooler-GaterIt may look goofy, but this cooler-gater holds almost everything you could need on a fishing trip. The front pouch is large enough to hold a full-size fly box. The other pouches can hold drinks, pliers, and other gear boxes. If you’re looking for a convenient way to hold all of your additional fishing gear while you’re away from the car, this is it.

You can find it on Amazon for about $70.


12. A waterproof flashlight that won’t sink when you drop it.

If you find yourself fishing at night or just trying to get back to the car, this waterproof flashlight will come in handy. This Super Bright 150 Lumen LED Flashlight has a 17 hour run time and has a 67-foot beam distance.

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