10 Best Fishing Coolers 2020

From being a fascinating outdoor activity to improving your mental and physical wellness, the benefits of fishing makes it one of the best hobbies. However, fishing is much more enjoyable if you have the proper equipment.

One major piece of equipment you’ll need, especially if you’re planning to take the fish you catch home with you, is a cooler. Below you’ll find our favorite coolers. We evaluated over 100 coolers and have come up with the coolers that we consider to be the best coolers available.

Best Fishing Coolers 2018

Best Fishing CoolersIdeal For
1. Engel USA Cooler/Dry BoxOffshore and Inshore
2. YETI Roadie20Boating and Offshore
3. Coleman 48Offshore
4. Igloo Marine Breeze RollerSpinning and Baitcasting
5. Savvy Glamping Mini BackpackFly Fishing
6. Igloo Super Tough STXBoating
7. AO Coolers Canvas SoftSpinning and Baitcasting
8. Igloo Marine Ultra SquareFly Fishing
9. Igloo QuantumBoating
10. Coleman 70 Quart Extreme MarineInshore and Offshore

Why Do You Need a Fishing Cooler?

A fishing cooler, also known as ice chest, is a portable fridge that will store your fish, food, and bait and keep them ice cool and fresh. It is as important in your fishing arsenal as a reel or rod. You want to make sure that your fishing cooler not only keeps your fish and food cool throughout the day, but also can withstand the outdoor elements that it’s exposed to during a day of fishing.

Fishermen need a fishing cooler that will increase the ice life of the following items:

  • Bait: The first thing that every angler should consider is keeping the live or dead bait like minnows, fresh. Undoubtedly, bait should look lifelike and the fishing cooler will definitely manage to keep it fresh.
  • Food: Well, you want to take a nice break and eat a sandwich! The cooler will store your food, drinks and even your fish for dinner. The right temperature plays an important role.
  • Caught Fish: If you plan to keep the fish you catch, you’ll want to store them on ice until you get home.

What Makes the Best Fishing Cooler?

Obviously, we can assume that there are thousands of cooler options on the market, but the perfect cooler depends on your needs.


There is no doubt that an ice chest must be able to withstand some harsh conditions. Rain, saltwater, sand, and UV rays are all part of a normal fishing day. Only the best fishing coolers will endure these elements.

Consequently, the cooler exterior material is an essential factor. Hardshell coolers are preferred by many people but there are also some disadvantages like weight. On the other hand, soft coolers are extremely lightweight and we can take them everywhere but they are less durable.

Overall, it depends on different scenarios. A good cooler must be waterproof and have high-density insulation.


To begin with, the right size is subjective and it depends on the fishing technique. For instance, if you are pursuing tunas by trolling in the ocean, you will need a lot of space. Consequently, you will need a large, hard case marine cooler.

On the other hand, an inshore angler will need a small, practical ice chest. The fly fishing fan will prefer a backpack cooler.

Best Fishing Coolers 2018

1. ENGEL USA Cooler/Dry Box

Engel is the hallmark of all fishing coolers. This hard shell ice chest will keep your catch, food and bait fresh as it is airtight and waterproof. The warm air stays out and the cold air is in the box.

The cooler is available in three colors, white grassland and tan and you can choose the rod holder series cooler. Furthermore, it can be submerged in the water with absolutely no problems.

The airtight gasket keeps your things insulated and safe. The outstanding features are the rod holders for a hands free fishing experience.

engel cooler box

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2. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

Undoubtedly, the Yeti Roadie is one of the best fishing coolers ever made. It can hold up to 20 pounds of ice and keep it cold for days.

It is a great cooler for offshore anglers. The special PermaFrost insulation makes it hard like a tank and thanks to the roto-molded design you will have a smooth fishing experience.

There is plenty of space for food and fish.

cooler Yeti

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3. Coleman 48-Quart Cooler

The Coleman fishing cooler is a small and lightweight solution for both boat and inahore anglers. You can fill it with ice, bait and food supplies and it will keep it cool for up to three days.

Thanks to the practical drain there is no need to turn the ice chest upside down to remove the water.

Additionally, the two comfortable handles makes it really easy to transport. The Thermozone material will keep your catch insulated.

best fishing coolers

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4. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

The Igloo Marine Cooler is one of the top rated coolers as it is really easy to transport. The igloo cooler with wheels is made of a durable material called polypropylene and it is ideal for storing fish or food.

Armed with super strong materials, fishermen can count on this ice chest with wheels. Believe it or not, it weighs only 5 pounds and has a capacity of 41 can.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best fishing coolers. Finally, it utilizes the Cool Riser Technology which enhances the cooling performance.


Igloo Marine Breeze Roller CoolerSee Pricing and Reviews on Amazon 

5. Savvy Glamping Mini Backpack Folding Chair

The best fishing coolers are versatile and this one is the hallmark of versatility! Is it a chair? Yes! Is it a backpack or a cooler? Yes!

The most practical cooler which turns into a convenient back and chair. It is highly recommended for fishing backpackers or fly fishing enthusiasts who wander around and fish with a pole.

Undoubtedly, ice fishing fans will also appreciate this gem thanks to the chair. This small cooler is a great option for occasional anglers.

savvy all in one

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6. Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

Durability and high performance incorporated into one fishing ice chest. This Igloo cooler comes in 3 sizes so there are ample options for every fisherman.

It can hold ice up to 7 days cool so we would like to underline the fact that it is a good option for long fishing trips and tours. The UV inhibitors protect your stuff from the sun.

The lid contains foam making it fully protected and insulated. The list with the best fishing coolers should definitely have this reinforced high performance ice chest.

igloo cooler

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7. AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

Would you like a lightweight comfortable cooler with many compartments? The AO soft fishing cooler is a heavy duty fishing bag which will fulfill even the most demanding needs.

It is useful for spinning angler who move from one place to another. It holds ice up to 24 hours.

The durable 1000 vinyl canvas is a durable material which is both waterproof and will not scratch your boat.

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8. Igloo Marine Ultra Square Coolers

One of the best fishing coolers thanks to the versatile design and 25% more insulation foam. Suitable for backpackers and fly fishing fans!

The antimicrobial liner will keep both your food supplies and fish protected from harmful microorganisms. This small solution utilizes convenient adjustable straps and a Maxcold insulation system. This cooler fits over your fly fishing vest so you carry gear and food.

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9.Igloo Products Corporation Quantum Cooler

The Quantum cooler should  definitely be on the list with the best fishing coolers as it will be a good companion for boat fishing. Surprisingly, the storage space is more than enough and there are some special built in features to put your drinks.

Consequently, it can be also used as a small table. The lid features a smaller lid where you can put your bait.

It weighs only 3.8 pounds so you can take it everywhere without putting much effort. Finally, Igloo is the number one company which creates both ergonomic and reliable best coolers.

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10.Coleman 70-Quart Extreme Marine Cooler

The best marine cooler for all fisherman with integrated UVGuard. It promises to keep the content cool for 5 days and it is made of high quality materials.

Swing handles will make it easier for you to transport your big trophy catch and the antimicrobial liner protects your food. A large cooler with comfortable bottle holders is a ice chest that every angler can count on.

The only drawback is the weight but the space is really ample.

coleman cooler

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Summarizing, the best fishing coolers on the market utilize some special features. These features should fulfill the angler’s needs whether he/she is a newbie or experienced fisherman. We searched the net and listed out the top rated coolers and hope that you will find your next fishing buddy.