Best Fishing Backpacks & Bags: 2021 Review


Fishing backpacks and bags offer you a place to store your fishing gear together with your personal belongings such as keys, phone and wallet. It is also your companion that will keep your gear dry and safe in case things go south. They are an improvement to the tackle boxes that were big and clunky with a lot of wasted space.

A fishing backpack can hold all your gear and tools and leave your hands free to hold other things like your rod. They contain coolers, drinking water tanks, rod holders, and even LED lights. A fishing backpack also makes your fishing much more manageable and enjoyable as you can hold your tackle and walk through rough terrain to your fishing spot.

All Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Fishing Backpack

This tackle bag is made of water-resistant high-density nylon fabric that enhances its durability. The full-length double zippers and abrasion-resistant KAM buckle are indestructible and one of the strongest in the market. It comes with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, which increases its versatility. You can use the bag as a backpack, fishing tackle, chest bag, handbag, or traveling bag. The multiple storage compartments and exterior pockets can hold various essentials. The bag features a unique, innovative design with ergonomic features and a reflective sticker that reflect light during the night.

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

2. KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack

This versatile fishing tackle bag is lightweight and designed to carry soft plastics, rods, terminal tackle, lure and fishing tools. It is made from tough nylon material that is water-resistant with a hydrophobic coating that protects it from moisture. The rod and tool storage will free your hands, while the double rod pockets provide a safe way to transport your rod. You also get efficient tackle organization with compartments and side pockets to store your tools. It is designed for comfort and fit with a padded waist strap, backpack, and shoulder straps.

KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

3. Plano Tackle Storage Backpack

The Plano tackle storage backpack comes with four 3700 series stowaway utility boxes. It can hold up to six stows. The bag comes with elevated rubber feet and a waterproof base. The pocket-sized spaces are also waterproof, and you can store your wallet or cell phone. You get a large mesh back pocket and MOLLE attachment points that provide additional storage options.

Plano Tackle Storage Backpack - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

4. PLUSINNO Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage Bag

The PLUSINNO tackle backpack is made from high-quality nylon fabric with extra firm stitching that makes it durable and water-resistant. Its ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable with padded and breathable shoulder pads and a thick padded back. The bag is versatile and can be adjusted to be used as a sling shoulder bag, chest bag, fishing tackle, handbag, and overnight bag. It comes with multiple exterior pockets and storage compartments to store your daily items and tools.

PLUSINNO Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage Bag - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

5. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Fishing Tackle Box

The Elkton tackle box is light, durable, compact, and convenient, enabling you to fish easier. It is made of tough fabric and strong zippers that will protect your fishing gear. The tackle box has plenty of storage compartments and is easy to transport. It comes with four-rod holders and 18 compartment tackle trays.

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Fishing Tackle Box - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

6. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

This outdoor shoulder backpack is made of nylon fabric that is durable and water-resistant. Its features include a bottle pocket design, two extra rod belts, full-length double zippers, a rear breathable mesh design, two pockets at the bottom, and exquisite workmanship.

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

7. YVLEEN Sling Fishing Tackle Bag

This waist pack is made of high-density nylon fabric that is water-resistant and abrasion-resistant zippers and KAM buckle. Its unique design offers enough space for all your fishing tools. You can switch the bag freely from your waist, thanks to the free switch design. You can use a multifunctional bag as a traveling bag, camping bag, hiking bag, and fishing tackle box bag.

YVLEEN Sling Fishing Tackle Bag - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

8. YVLEEN Fishing Tackle Backpack

This is a multifunctional outdoor bag that offers more storage compartments to fit your fishing accessories. It is made from heavy-duty nylon fabrics, which makes it durable and water-resistant. The detachable and adjustable strap allows you to change the bag into a crossbody bag, chest bag, sling bag, tackle backpack, and backpack. It is also large and comes with a professional design.

YVLEEN Fishing Tackle Backpack - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

9. Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag

It features a hard-backed construction consisting of denier fabric that can hold its shape and color for a long time. It also had backpack straps and integrated rod holders that are hidden out of sight. The oversized molded zippers make the bag easy to use and enhance durability. It has non-skid TPR molded over foot pads that will hold the bag firmly on the boat.

Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

10. Piscifun Fishing Bag Portable Tackle Bags

This multifunctional lightweight fanny pack is durable and ideal for fishing, cycling and traveling. It has a unique double adjustable waist-belt system with a quick-release buckle. The five outer pockets provide an organized space to keep your stuff. It also has a zippered back pocket that increases the storage space of the bag.When purchasing a fishing bag, look for one that provides plenty of compartmentalized storage and extra features that enhance convenience. Keep all these factors in mind and go for the one that suits your preference and needs.

Piscifun Fishing Bag Portable Tackle Bags - Best Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

What to Look for in Fishing Bags and Fishing Backpacks

Various factors can help you determine the best fishing backpacks. They include size, comfort, organization features, fishing-specific features, and durability.


The amount of storage space or size of the bag you need depends on the type of fishing you enjoy. It’s essential that you choose the right size of the bag as a small backpack may not hold all your tools, while a backpack that is too large can be inconvenient.Think of all the things you will need to bring when fishing depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Your backpack should also have plenty of convenient pockets and compartments for easy access while fishing. The length of your fishing trip ship also guides you on the size of bag you will carry. If you are going for an afternoon session, you may not need a big bag as you carry just a few tools. However, a camping trip that will last for about a week will require carrying a big bag.


Since you will be spending a lot of time around or on water, it is crucial that your backpack is waterproof if it falls. It also needs to be durable enough to withstand the elements, including wind, rain, snow, sleet, intense heat, and UV rays. The interior and exterior of your backpack need to be made of water-resistant material.There are various materials, including nylon and polyester, that can protect your backpack from water. New technology and backpacks with fiber are offering superior protection against water. This will ensure that your gear and personal belongings are dry and safe inside your backpack.The backpack’s zipper should also be resistant to elements such as ice, rain and harsh sunlight. The fasteners and zippers should also be rust and salt-resistant, especially if you fish in saltwater. Most parts of your backpack should be able to withstand different outdoor conditions.The backpack should be made of durable materials such as reinforced fabrics, woven, or strong polyester with double stitching. A strong interior lining will ensure that the bug is strong and can contain sharp objects.

Organizational Features

Your backpack should be well-organized to help you find your stuff easily. Compartments that are easily accessible and quick to look at and get something will help save time and be organized. Some bags also provides you with a convenient way to store your files.


Your backpack needs to be comfortable to carry around. If you are carrying a lot of gear, then your backpack needs to be comfortable. Padded shoulder straps will help relieve pressure from your shoulders by distributing the bag’s weight across your back, shoulders, and hips. You also won’t suffer from pains and aches after carrying a heavy backpack.It would be best to look for straps with a mesh lining on the straps and at the back of the pack. This increases air circulation and keeps the backpack cool, especially on a hot day. It will also protect the sensitive contents of the bag from excessive heat.

Fishing Specific Features

Your backpack needs to hold many fishing gears like rod holders and other items such as snacks, sleeping bags, and water. It should also have compartments for hooks, line, extra reels and fish finders. Additional features like LED lighting are ideal if you love to go fishing at night. Cooling compartments also come in handy, especially when you are carrying food. A backpack with a cooling compartment will save you the hassle of carrying a separate cold storage box and prevent your food from spoiling.

What’s the Difference Between a Tackle Bag and Tackle Box

The most significant difference between tackle bags and box comes to the lightweight feature of bags. Tackle boxes were initially made from wood but later evolved to metal ones. This came with a considerable disadvantage as they suffered from rusting, which led to plastic tackle boxes. This later led to the introduction of soft bags to replace the hard box.Tackle boxes offer superior durability, waterproof and additional space through trays. On the other hand, tackle bags are more flexible, lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. Since they both have their benefits and limitations, the choice you go for depends on your preference.