Spearfishing Maui: Everything You Need to Know

Joining the famous Maui spearfishing activity is an excellent way to turn your trip into the adventure of a lifetime. The best part is that you do not have to know how to spearfish or bring any gear. There are plenty of spearfishing academies to choose from. And, if you’re taking the whole family with you, you can customize the excursion and even opt for a private class.

What Is Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a traditional way of fishing and is considered part of the Hawaiian culture. In the past, hunters free-dived, carrying only a sharp wooden pole, and relied on muscle strength to thrust the weapon through the waters and catch a fish. Today, all spearfishing Maui activities involve using spearguns, goggles, and fins.

Spearfishing Maui: Learning Spearfishing in Hawaii

Before you head out to a spearfishing spot in Maui, many classes will orient you on topics such as spearfishing regulations, handling a speargun, breathing techniques, and more. The classes are usually held outdoors and by the beachline. Here’s what you will lear

Learn Maui Spearfishing Regulations

Maui features a precious and fragile ecosystem, and it is essential to take precautions to preserve this paradise. Spearfishing enthusiasts must follow the rules and regulations set by the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources. For instance, you should not hunt threatened species. 

How to Use and Handle a Speargun

Before heading to a spearfishing location in Maui, you will learn about speargun safety and control, and for a good reason – spearguns are deadly. And, the last thing you’d want is to accidentally discharge the weapon and cause harm to yourself and other divers. 

In Topshot Spearfishing, their expert guides will train you to load and reload the speargun properly and how to fire it. 

Learn Freediving Control and Breathing Techniques

The penalty for making a freediving mistake translates to life and death. When you are freediving, the oxygen level in your body decreases. However, it can quickly escalate to a complete blackout if you get it to the point that it’s too low. And, if you are far from the group, chances are you won’t be able to make it out alive.

In addition to freediving control, you will also learn breathing techniques, including why over-breathing can affect breath-hold time capability.

Fish Identification and Preservation

You will learn proper fish identification so that you can select and catch invasive species. Some of these include Bluestripe Snapper, Blacktail Snapper, and Peacock Grouper. You will also learn to identify fragile species and how to avoid them. Other fish you might spear include the Barracuda, Ladyfish, Mahi Mahi, and many types of tuna.

Where to Learn Spearfishing in Maui?

When it comes to finding spearfishing academies in Maui, you’ll have plenty of options. If you want to be safe and learn spearfishing, here are our recommendations.

Topshot Spearfishing

Top spearfishing Maui Topshot Spearfishing's website

Topshot Spearfishing is one of the best places to sign-up for a spearfishing Maui class! They offer private and group lessons. Each class is at least 2.5 hours of spearfishing, and they offer custom experiences of various lengths! However, you must be at least ten years old, be able to float, and remain in the water for extended periods. 

And, they will provide all the gear you need, including the speargun. Target species include Unicorn Fish, Peacock Grouper, Grey Snapper, Bluestripe Snapper, and Blacktail Snapper.

South Maui Spearfishing

picture of South Maui Spearfishing's website

South Maui Spearfishing offers three excursions – Malahini Dive for beginners, Hana Hou Dive for private groups, and the Moku Dive for an all-day adventure. They restrict their classes to individuals who have ocean swimming experience and are 13 years or older.

Maui Spearfishing Academy

Maui Spearfishing Academy's website

Join Maui Spearfishing Academy’s class if you want to start early and be back on land around lunchtime. They begin at 7 AM and finish around noon – keep in mind that the end of the excursion depends on the spearfishing location. You and your family will spend about two hours spearfishing. The whole trip (including travel) is between four and five hours long.

Lopakas Aloha Adventures

Website of spearfishing maui academy Lopakas Aloha Adventures

Lopakas Aloha Adventures also offers beginner-friendly spearfishing instruction and fish identification and breathing techniques classes. And, like other spearfishing academies, you should be comfortable swimming in the ocean, and participants should be at least ten years old. What makes Lopakas Alaoha Adventure a great choice is you can cook your catch or donate it to families who don’t have the capacity to spearfish.

Spearfishing Maui FAQ

Is Spearfishing Legal in Maui?

Yes, spearfishing is legal in Maui. However, you should always follow the rules set forth by the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (HDAR).

Can Tourists Spearfish in Hawaii?

Absolutely! Tourists can enjoy spearfishing in Hawaii as long as they are part of an official spearfishing adventure or guided tour.

What Fish Can You Spearfish in Maui?

You can fish a range of invasive and edible fish species, including Peacock Grouper, Tuna, Unicorn Fish, and Bluestriped Snapper.

Are You Ready to Try It?

When in Maui, don’t miss the chance to try spearfishing! It is exciting, fun, and you get to explore the underwater beauty of Maui! So, are you going to join a spearfishing Maui class? Let us know in the comments.