7 Best Spearfishing Wetsuits (With Buying Guide)

Spearfishing is dangerous. There are sharp corals, sunken structures, and jellyfish. All of which can cause harm to you if you’re unprotected. Fortunately, this is what wetsuits are made for.

Not only do they provide an extra barrier against stings and sharp objects, but they also offer thermal protection for deeper divers. Some even have unique camouflage patterns so you can blend in and not scare away your target.  

Here are the best spearfishing wetsuits to keep you safe on your underwater fishing excursions.

What Are the Best Spearfishing Wetsuits

Whether you are a spearfishing beginner or an expert, your wetsuit should provide you with optimal protection from the elements. This includes protection from the sun and cold ocean waters and against the sharp edges of corals and rocks. Your wetsuit should also be comfortable, easy to put on and take off and have the features you desire.

1. Beuchat Redrock Wetsuit

The first wetsuit you should consider getting is the two-piece Beuchat Redrock. The color scheme may be a little jarring, but it serves a purpose. The red and black camo design will break up your form in the water so you can get closer to your target without being detected. 

photo of the Beuchat Redrock wetsuit, one of the best spearfishing wetsuits

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However, the key feature of this wetsuit is the open-cell technology that molds perfectly to your body. Unlike cheap wetsuits, you won’t have to deal with awkward air pockets when submerged. And that means the second-skin, perfect fit allows maximum comfort and diving or swimming maneuverability. 

Also, it has strategically placed Supratex reinforced padding on high-stress areas like the elbows and knees. There is even an additional chest padding, making it safer to load spearguns. 

One pitfall of this wetsuit for spearfishing is its price tag; it’s the most expensive option on our list. However, given its premium quality and features, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

2. Salvimar N.A.T. Wetsuit

Like the previous Beuchat wetsuit, the Salvimar N.A.T. is a two-piece wetsuit with a removable long sleeve and hood top layer. It also features similar open-cell technology on the interior for the best thermal protection and heat retention.

What makes this Salvimar wetsuit stand out is its custom N.A.T camouflage design which combines natural and bright green colors. This pattern makes you less visible, especially when spearfishing in waters with heavy vegetation. And, if you are always making your way between rocks and sharp corals to chase a target, you’ll also appreciate its Puff Gum reinforcers on the elbows and knees.

Salvimar N.A.T. 7mm Wetsuit

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3. Speardiver Reef Spearfishing Wetsuit

The Speardiver Reef spearfishing wetsuit also shares the same two-piece design as the previously mentioned wetsuits. But that’s the only similarity. 

A man wearing Speardiver's Reef spearfishing wetsuit.

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This suit goes above and beyond in terms of quality and construction. It is double-lined with a 1.5mm blend of neoprene and Hyperstretch Lycra, which you will love if you prefer warm water spearfishing and diving. 

The Hyperstretch Lycra infusion makes this suit extremely durable, ensuring your body remains nearly impervious to cuts or scrapes from bottom structures. 

Rather than compression, the stretchy material ensures you don’t feel like you’re being squeezed. To enhance your spearfishing experience, the Speardriver also features 5mm thick Supertex padding across the chest.

4. Beuchat Mundial Camo Wetsuit

Another Beuchat wetsuit you should get is the Mundial Camo. Like the previously mentioned Redrock, the Mundial comes in two pieces; trousers with suspenders and a removable jacket. The true eye-catcher is the distinct camo design.

The smooth black, rust orange, and gray color combo break your silhouette underwater. The entire suit is made from 5mm thick, high-quality neoprene with titanium and an open-cell interior to keep you warm and comfortable in cooler waters.

As for the jacket, it’s one of the best that we’ve tested. It features a pre-formed flap and plastic clip which may not sound very secure, but it works!

Keeping your safety in mind when diving and fishing, Beuchat also added Supertex reinforcements to the knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists. There is another Supertex reinforcement across the chest.

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5. Nataly Osmann Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit

This two-piece wetsuit from Nataly Osmann is made entirely from 3mm thick neoprene for thermal protection. But despite that thickness, the material is surprisingly breathable and reduces drag while in the water. And that means you can swim faster while sneaking up on the fish you want to spear.

The Nataly Osmann wetsuit also boasts the same padding reinforcement design as many other wetsuits. Unfortunately, its fit is different from premium brands like the Beuchat.

Nataly Osmann Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit

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6. Mako Spearguns Men’s Spearfishing Wetsuit

MAKO Spearguns brings you a unique 3D reef camo wetsuit made from Yamamoto 7mm neoprene, a highly-coveted fabric in wetsuits.

This fabric is designed with Yamamoto’s Mega Stretch feature on the exterior, which increases the stretch by a whopping 30 percent! What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll be able to take and hold deeper breaths and swim at peak performance.

If you prefer carrying a knife during spearfishing, you’ll also love its dedicated knife pocket. And, as you’d expect from a spearfishing wetsuit, it also features sewn-in padding to the chest and knees.

These incredible features easily make this one of the best wetsuits for spearfishing.

MAKO Spearguns Men's Spearfishing Wetsuit

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7. Cressi Apnea Wetsuit

The Apnea wetsuit is made with flexibility and comfort in mind. It offers an anatomically shaped fit that will mold comfortably to your body.

This is also the only wetsuit that is not camo and is solidary black throughout. Nevertheless, the material used is good quality and features the same open-cell technology for the interior as previously listed suits. All seams are sealed for added strength and water tightness.

There is reinforcement padding on all joint locations for extra durability from elbow to wrist and knee to ankle. Unfortunately, the chest padding is only located on the jacket piece of this wetsuit.

Cressi Apnea Wetsuit

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What to Look For in the Best Spearfishing Wetsuit

When choosing the best wetsuit for spearfishing, you’ll need to factor in the material, thickness, style, and color. You should also consider the water temperature and spearfishing location. 

Wetsuit Type

The type of wetsuit you use and the features it offers can determine whether or not it is suitable for your spearfishing needs. Here are the different types of wetsuits you’ll come across: 

  • Dive skin: Dive skins are a one-piece wetsuit commonly used in warm water spearfishing because of their low thermal protection. 
  • Shorty: A shorty also has a one-piece design, but it doesn’t extend beyond the knees. Like dive skins, this wetsuit type is for warm water spearfishing.
  • Short John/Jane: This type is basically like a shorty, except that the top is sleeveless. 
  • Full length: Full-length offers total body coverage, from your neck down to your ankles 
  • Two-piece: Two-piece wetsuits, as their name suggests, come in separate pants and a long-sleeve jacket/shirt or trousers with suspenders and a removable hooded jacket. This wetsuit is great for versatility and being able to de-layer for warm conditions. 
  • Hoods: Provide excellent head and neck insulation for thermal protection. 

Open-Cell vs. Closed-Cell Wetsuit

Open-cell and closed-cell wetsuits are both made from neoprene. The difference is in how the neoprene was integrated or used. 

Closed-cell wetsuits use a single sheet of neoprene with a different lining material (often polyester or nylon) sewn into it. This construction makes closed-cell wetsuits stiffer and harder to wear and take off. It also doesn’t mold to your body as an open-cell wetsuit would. 

On the other hand, open-cell wetsuits feature neoprene with cuts to expose the natural air bubbles inside the material. This “exposure” creates the open space or “open-cell” style that will then suction to your skin. Unlike closed-cell wetsuits, they are more flexible and comfortable. 


You need to think of where and when you’ll be spearfishing when choosing the appropriate thickness for your wetsuit. 

The thickness of a wetsuit directly correlates with the amount of thermal protection it provides. 

Tip: The thicker the material, the warmer you’ll be in colder seas. On the other hand, a thinner wetsuit is best for warm water spearfishing. 

Water Temperature (°F)Wetsuit Type/ Thickness
79-84°F1-2mm shorty or full-length wetsuit
71-77°F3-5mm full-length/ two-piece wetsuit
64-70°F5-7mm full-length/ two-piece wetsuit


It depends on the environment you’ll be spearfishing when choosing the color of your wetsuit. 

Black is a universal color that many spearfishing anglers use because it can work in various environments. However, some camo designs have proven to help break up your form and allow you to get closer to your target species. 

Tip: If spearfishing in or around vegetation, get a wetsuit with green camouflage patterns. 

If you’re in a coral and rocky location, wearing a wetsuit with a combination of greys, blues, and orange/red patterns will seamlessly blend you into the environment.

Diving to a Conclusion

Picking the best spearfishing wetsuit can be easy. As long as you focus on the key buying factors like material and thickness, you can narrow down your choices. Or, you can check out our top picks.