The 8 Best Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin

There are many reasons why you should take a look at Wisconsin when you are looking to explore the Midwest as one of the most amazing fishing regions around. The state has more than 15,000 lakes and has a diverse range of geography from woodlands, to vast lakes, and metropolitan cities. There are so many Wisconsin fishing lakes that you can always find a lake you can enjoy for the kind of fishing you enjoy.

Big Saint Germain Lake

One of the best fishing lakes in Wisconsin is Big Saint Germain Lake in Vilas County, which stands at 1622 acres in size. The lake is known as a trophy lake because it provides a large amount of space capable of providing the best in large fish that are well stocked. The best-known fish in Wisconsin is the Musky, which has been described as the fish of 10,000 casts because it can be difficult to catch.

Alongside the Muscky, you can also catch a range of other fish, including the Panfish, Northern Pike, and the Walleye. These common fish are joined by the Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and the Trout, which are all present in Big Saint Germain Lake. The lake has an average depth of 21 feet and usually sees the formation of fishable ice sometime around mid-December each year.

Big Saint Germain Lake - Fishing Lake in Wisconsin

Lake Winnebago

The largest inland lake in the state of Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago is a popular lake where there are numerous fish that can be caught. The Lake stands at an impressive size of 131,939 acres with many attractions to be found around the edge of the lake to make this a popular travel destination.

There are several abundant species in the lake, including Panfish, Walleye, Sturgeon, and Catfish. Other species are present and can be fished, including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, the Musky, and the Northern Pike. Ice fishing is one of the most popular activities each winter for visitors to Wisconsin with the large Sturgeon population at Lake Winnebago making it an impressive destination for you to consider. Sturgeon spearing during the winter months is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources and makes this a lake you should travel to at some point in your angling career.

Lake Winnebago - Fishing Lake

Lake Pepin

Sitting on the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota, Lake Pepin is not the largest lake in the state, but it is one of the most picturesque. The fish available are not abundant, but there is a nice mix of Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Saucers present within its waters. The lake is one of the best fishing lakes in Wisconsin and is known as the birthplace of water skiing and the home to the only operational lighthouse in the state.

If you are looking for ice fishing options, Lake Pepin is a good option because you will be able to find clear ice that gives you the chance to enjoy a wintry day on the lake. At 24,550 acres, there is plenty of space to find a quiet spot to fish throughout the year.

Lake Pepin

Lake Wisconsin

One of the main benefits of fishing Lake Wisconsin is the number of resorts, hotels, and campgrounds that line the coast of this 7,197-acre body of water. There is ice fishing available on this smaller lake where the most common fish available include the Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike. You can access the lake from public boat landings dotted around the edge of the lake to try and catch a trout or catfish.

Lake Michigan

The chance to fish one of the five Great Lakes should not be missed if you are in Wisconsin and want to be sure you can have an unforgettable fishing experience throughout the year. There is plenty of trout and salmon on offer along with Bullheads, Northern Pike, and Lake Sturgeon to be found. The fish of Lake Michigan are restocked each year to make sure there are always millions of fish available in a 14,332,090=acre lake.

Lake Michigan is one of the largest lakes in the world and offers some picturesque views and various resorts around the edge of the lake. Even when the hardest days of the Winter have arrived there is still plenty of fishing to be done in the harbors of Wisconsin when ice covers the water and guides help you find safe spots to fish. Locations, such as Kenosha Harbor, close to the shore offer some excellent chances to fish for trout in the deepest days of Winter.

Lake Superior

There are millions of acres of water in Lake Superior covering 20,287,963-acres. The largest freshwater lake in the world is filled with a huge variety of fish, including the abundant Lake Trout and the Walleye. Fishing the world’s largest freshwater lake is an experience that should not be missed and offers many different options, including the Whitefish, Pumpkinseed, and the Brook Trout.

Ice fishing is a popular activity on Lake Superior with the season usually lasting from January to March each year. By the end of January, fishing switches to ice bobbing for Lake Trout, which remains a popular option until March when the ice begins to break up.

Lake Monona

In the home state of the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Monona is a small lake that should have a large reputation for its large number of fish species available in just 3,359-acres. The main species to be found in Lake Monona is the Panfish, which is abundant and the common Walleye, Northern Pike, and Largemouth Bass. Other species that can be found in the lake include the Musky, the Smallmouth Bass, and the Sturgeon.

Although, Lake Monona is a small lake in size it reaches a depth of 74 feet and has plentiful ice fishing throughout the first few months of the year. One the ice breaks up, your fishing success will be helped by five boat landings spread around the edge of this lake beside the state capital.

Lake Monona

Lake Chippewa

The third-largest of the Wisconsin fishing lakes, Lake Chippewa is a man-made lake that has not been developed to a high level making it a good choice for you if you want to fish with a stunning background. Lake Chippewa is 14,593-acres in size with the Walleye the most abundant fish in the lake alongside common species of the local favorite, Musky, and both the Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. The Sturgeon and Catfish are also present and can be fished from the water or the more than 200-miles of shoreline. The shoreline of the lake is protected and is currently capped at 15 percent development meaning there is plenty of space for ice fishing in the winter months.

Lake Chippewa

Best Wisconsin Lakes for Ice Fishing

With its cold winter temperatures and proximity to the great lakes, Wisconsin is the perfect place for ice fishing. Below are some of the best places for ice fishing in Wisconsin.

  • Green Bay
  • Lake Winnebago
  • Black Oak Lake
  • Dairyland Reservoir
  • Boom Lake