Best Fishing Lakes in Florida

The world is celebrating returning to the outdoor world of relaxation and leisure. After the pandemic rendered you safe inside your home, it’s possible that you’re all looking for some fun activities to engage in. One activity you all missed is fishing and when it comes to the fishing sport, nowhere in the world beats Florida.

As the bass fishing capital of the world, Florida is a haven for fishers, anglers and tourists looking to enjoy some fishing. Florida fishing lakes and weather conditions facilitate fishing and various fish species throughout the year. Luckily this article ranks some of the best fishing lakes in Florida to make it easy for you to choose your next fishing location.

Lake Toho

Referred to as Lake Toho, Lake Tohopekaliga covers close to 23,000 acres of land. Located in the central parts of Florida, it is one of the go-to choices when fishing in Kissimmee Florida. The lake is mainly famous for its large bass fish in great numbers, which remain consistent all year round.

Moreover, it is home to marine vegetation, with plants such as the hydrilla, maiden cane, and bullrush providing food for its fish. The water conditions and food availability are some contributing factors to its constant supply of healthy bass fish.

Most fishers will catch fish in areas with vegetation covers that are filled with birds. Fishing methods such as crankbaits, swimbaits, spinnerbaits are all great for use on this lake. Some of the fish available here include bass fish, walleye, bluegill, black crappie, catfish, among others.

Lake Panasoffkee

Lake Panasoffkee fishing can be pretty strange but nonetheless exciting in this history-laden lake. Covering just 4,460-acres, Lake Panasoffkee is a shallow lake whose life stems from a spring pouring its water on the lake. The lake is thriving with wildlife, not more so than the largemouth bass fish and threadfin shad plats, which are an excellent food source for fish.

Some of the fish abundantly available here are black crappie, chain pickerel, bluegill, and the largemouth bass. Some great fishing techniques to use here on this lake are open-water lipless crankbaits and flipping. Lake Panasoffkee is perfect for a more seclusive fishing time for you and your friends.

Lake Istokpoga

Based just northwest of Lake Okeechobee is the 27.692 acres Lake Istokpoga. The lake is scattered with vegetation ideal for homing large bass fish consistently. The lake also has a regular supply of bass fish that is not limited to the spring spawning season.

The lake is home to quality fish species such as the black crappie, sunfish, bream, and largemouth bass fish. Light and heavy tackles and the use of baits work as great fishing techniques for this lake.

Tarpon Lake

The Tarpon Lake is a nine miles long lake that covers 2500 acres of land in Tampa and is surrounded by quite lovely suburban neighborhoods. The small fishing lake is one of the fish wealthy lakes in Florida, blooming with bass fish and aquatic vegetation. Bait fishing is excellent for these shallow waters with other fish species such as the black crappie, catfish, and red ear sunfish up for fishers and anglers.

One advantage of Tarpon Lake is its almost uniform volumes of fish all across the lake. Bass fish can be found in plenty in areas with the hydrilla, cattails, and other types of vegetation cover.

Lake George

Lake George ranks second on Florida’s lake size list spawning 46,000 acres with shallow waters around 7-8 feet deep. The lake is ample with fish species such as bass fish, tilapia, and sunfish all year round.

The lack of vegetation cover makes catching fish challenging, but most anglers appreciate the testing waters. Despite this shortcoming, the lake is full of hotspots bountiful with healthy fish.

As the lake was part of the second world war areas with remnants of the activities such as a shipwreck at the bottom of the lake, it provides great spots for fish. The lake’s widest point is nine miles long and is also full of fish for skillful anglers. Baits, fly fishing, and the use of light or heavy tackles are excellent methods of catching fish in this lake.

Rodman Reservoir

The Rodman Reservoir is a 9500-acre lake sustained by the River Ocklawaha. The lake is a famous summer fishing lake for its excellent deep water conditions during that time. The use of crankbaits and live bait can help your fishing trip to this lake.

There are specially designated areas to fish in the Rodman Reservoir. As such, it is best to have a fishing guide with you. Some of the fish species available in this area include the largemouth bass fish, catfish, bluegill, and bream fish.

Lake Okeechobee

It is the biggest lake in Florida, covering a 730 square miles area. The lake is magnificent for fishers and anglers, with critics and fishing enthusiasts labelling it as the best bass fishing in florida. The extensive size of this lake means that you may have to research or have a guide to direct you to some of the fish hotspots.

Artificial and live baits are the best way to lure fish in on the fresh waters of Lake Okeechobee. Some fish species available in significant volumes include the bluegill, channel catfish, black crappie, and largemouth bass fish.

Lake Kissimmee

Fishing in Kissimmee Florida makes for one of the most bountiful grounds for anglers and fishers. At the heart of all fishing activities is the approximately 35,000-acre Lake Kissimmee in Orlando, Florida. The lake is flourishing with various vegetation species making it a solid and consistent fishing ground throughout the year.

The vegetation stemming from fertile soils makes the lake full of food for fish, thus large volumes of bass fish. Live and artificial baits will definitely catch you some fish in Lake Kissimmee waters. Fish species such as the red ear sunfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass fish are relatively easy to fish here.

Bass Fishing in Florida

Most of the best fishing lakes in Florida are great for bass fishing in Florida. The largemouth bass fish type is more common than the other types, with the black bass a notable catch among anglers and fishers. While some of the lakes, as mentioned above, feature an-all year-round bass fish availability, the bass fish are more in season during the spring season when the fish habitat shallow waters.

Crappie Fishing in Florida

While Florida is most famous for the various types of bass fish, another flourishing species in the fishing capital of the world is Crappie fish. The crappie fish is distinct in appearance with what appears as speckles on the scales and are more prevalent from the end of fall until the first weeks of spring. Despite holding the most enormous volumes of crappie fish in the country, Florida laws limit the fishing of crappie fish to either a double bag or 25 fish for every angler or fisher.

Luring this tasty and beautiful fish in one of the lakes in Florida is easy with crappie jigs, crankbaits, and spinners. Crappie fishing in Florida is great around lakes such as: Lake Orange, Lake Jessup, Lake Talquin, Blue Cypress Lake, Lake Toho, Lake George, Lake Monroe, Lake Kissimmee, Lake Istokpoga, and Lake Marian.