Best Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

Canoe fishing can be frustrating because of the considerable effort required to row your canoe into the water. More so, if you are trolling for fish! Luckily, a trolling motor mounted on your canoe eliminates the exhausting burden of paddling every 30 minutes. Just make sure that you have the best canoe trolling motor mount, or else your expensive motor can end up in the water!

What Should You Consider Before Buying Canoe Trolling Motor Mounts?

Aside from the price tag, there are other factors to consider before purchasing a trolling motor mount. Ideally, the mount should be easy to install, durable, and fits your canoe like a glove. You can also use these considerations if you find, after our review, that a DIY canoe motor mount is best suited for your needs.


Commercially available trolling motor mounts are pretty straightforward to install and require basic tools. They usually have a bracket and a mounting block, but you’ll also find models using a clamp or a tie-down kit. You can also pick up a trolling motor mount that attaches directly to the canoe’s gunwale or seat for extra security and stability.

Expert tip: Many mounts include all the hardware you need to complete the installation.


Trolling motor mounts can be made from plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Aluminum is a popular choice because it’s reasonably priced, lightweight, and rust-resistant. Stainless steel is another excellent option as it is more durable than aluminum. The only downside is it expensive.

Some anglers use plastic trolling motor mounts because it is more budget-friendly. We highly recommend picking a model made from reinforced plastic.

Fit and Adjustability

When picking up a trolling motor mount for your canoe, you should also consider the fit. Ideally, it should be snug and secure when paddling or trolling; otherwise, it can slip out, taking the motor into the water! If you don’t know the dimensions of your canoe, look for a mount that you can adjust. You can easily change the angle, depth, and position.

Side-Saddle vs. Standard Mount

A standard trolling motor mount uses a larger space than the side-saddle mount. However, it offers a strong connection with the canoe.

On the other hand, a side saddle canoe is easier to install — you only need to clamp the side saddle on the side of your canoe. It also requires little space for installation, which is valuable for a small canoe. Side-saddle canoe trolling motor mounts also provide more flexibility in the positioning of your trolling motor.

What Are the Best Canoe Trolling Motor Mounts?

We have already reviewed the factors to consider when purchasing a canoe trolling mount. While this information is handy, there are many trolling mounts in the market, making it difficult to choose one. We have reviewed several mounts and compiled a list of the best canoe trolling motor mounts.

1. AquaOutdoors Canoe Trolling Motor Bracket with Aluminum Crossbar

The AquaOutdoors canoe trolling motor bracket is a solid and durable mounting bracket that will ease navigation when fishing.

The mount comprises a solid ash motor block and an aluminum crossbar. Don’t worry, though. The ash hardwood is sealed with acrylic urethane for weather resistance.

The AquaOutdoors canoe trolling motor bracket features a 28″ crossbar to provide you with a full range of motion. Additionally, the mount is easy to install — it doesn’t even need power tools for installation! All you need to do is tighten the star bolts. Another great thing about this motor mount for canoes? You can let them know what type of canoe (like Old Town Saranac, Pelican Ram-X, and Bass Pro Ascend), and they can provide a compatible clamping system!

Before checking out, we do, however, suggest asking the seller to confirm compatibility.

AquaOutdoors Canoe Trolling Motor Bracket

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2. AquaOutdoors Canoe Trolling Motor Mount with Ash Crossbar

This AquaOutdoors mount model also uses solid ash for the motor block and boasts a tool-free installation. Other features like the acrylic urethane for weather resistance and the full range of motion are still the same with this model. And, if you are unsure about its fit to your canoe, the manufacturer has impeccable customer support.

So, what is the key difference? Well, there are actually two. This one is a bit cheaper, and the crossbar is also made from ash hardwood.

Top Quality Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

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3. Bullnose Rudder Clamp 

The Bullnose Rudder Clamp is a lightweight boat-mounted trolling motor mount used in canoes, small boats, kayaks, and more. It features a pivoting rudder post in the stern of the boat to push your canoe or kayak in any direction. Moreover, this innovative design is constructed from impact steel for durability and longer service life.

The Bullnose Rudder Clamp also offers numerous advantages, such as great control and maneuvering. Unfortunately, this mount is not suitable for midsize and large canoes.

Bullnose Rudder Clamp 

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4. RAILBLAZA Motor Mount

Do you prefer the fastest and easiest trolling motor mount to install? You should consider this motor mount from RAILBLAZA. The company claims that you can have this trolling mount installed and ready to use in just 30 seconds. And, we couldn’t agree more.

The installation is pretty straightforward, thanks to its clip-on and clip-off fastener system. And, the choice of materials is superb. For instance, its RailMount uses a premium UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced plastic. However, its ease of installation and the durability of this motor mount comes with an expensive price tag.


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5. Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

The Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount comprises a rust-free aluminum bracket and an oak mounting block. But what makes this mount is exceptional is it can support motors up to 3HP!

Since this model uses a side-saddle fastening system, it’s easier to operate the motor while having an unobstructed view of the waters. Additionally, it is easily adjustable for right or left-handed users. This product is specifically designed for Old Town’s boats, but you can use it with other canoes.

Its primary disadvantage is that it is pretty heavy and is even pricier than RAILBLAZA.

Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

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6. Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount

Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount is one of the most durable mounts you will find available in the market today. Instead of aluminum or hardwood, it is made from fiberglass. As a matter of fact, the company stands behind the durability of its mount by offering a two-year warranty.

Plus, it works with all brands of trolling motors – provided that the shaft’s diameter is 1.15″- 1.25.” The disadvantage? You will need to use a drill to install this mount.

Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount

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Canoe trolling can be cumbersome if you’re paddling all the time. With a trolling motor and a high-quality mount, your arms can take a break, and you can finally enjoy your next fishing trip! We hope our review helps you find the suitable trolling motor mount for your canoe!