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Spearfishing Maui: Everything You Need to Know

Joining the famous Maui spearfishing activity is an excellent way to turn your trip into the adventure of a lifetime. The best part is that you do not have to know how to spearfish or bring any gear.

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There are plenty of spearfishing academies to choose from. And, if you’re taking the whole family with you, you can customize the excursion and even opt for a private class.

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What Is Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a traditional way of fishing and is considered part of the Hawaiian culture. In the past, hunters free-dived, carrying only a sharp wooden pole.

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Learning Spearfishing in Hawaii

Before you head out to a spearfishing spot in Maui, many classes will orient you on topics such as spearfishing regulations, handling a speargun, breathing techniques.

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Learn Maui Spearfishing Regulations

Spearfishing enthusiasts must follow the rules and regulations set by the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources. For instance, you should not hunt threatened species.

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How to Use and Handle a Speargun

Before heading to a spearfishing location in Maui, you will learn about speargun safety and control, and for a good reason – spearguns are deadly.

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Learn Freediving Control and Breathing Techniques

The penalty for making a freediving mistake translates to life and death. When you are freediving, the oxygen level in your body decreases.

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