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What Are the Rarest Fish in the World?

Would you know any of the rarest fish or the rarest shark species in the world if you caught one? Probably not! 

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Before you get into trouble with authorities, pay a hefty fine, and even face jail time, we are going to teach you what are some of the rarest fish in the world.

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Devil’s Hole Pupfish

The Cyprinodon diabolis or Devil’s Hole Pupfish is the world’s rarest fish. It’s so rare that you will only find them in Nevada’s Death Valley National Park in a tiny limestone cavern called the Devil’s Hole.

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Giant Sea Bass

You will find this majestic fish in the Northern Pacific off of California and Baja California. And, as we’ve mentioned earlier, this fish is huge. As a matter of fact, the largest Giant Sea Bass ever caught measures 7.4 feet long and over 560 pounds!

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Peppermint Angelfish

You can identify the Peppermint Angelfish by its vibrant colors – bright white stripes paired with a neon orange body color. But despite its attention-grabbing color, you will only find this elusive fish in the central, eastern, and south Pacific oceans, where they occupy reefs and cliff shelves.

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Adriatic Sturgeon

Their population has experienced a steep decline, as much as 80 percent. The only resolution to this species’ survival is captive breeding and then releasing them back into their natural range.

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