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How to Get Started With Spearfishing

If you know how to swim, you might feel tempted to jump into the water and start immediately, but you should not underestimate spearfishing.

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It requires training, knowledge, and skill. You even need a fishing license.

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1. Join and Complete a Spearfishing Course

You can expect to gain expert knowledge about how to take care of your diving gear, how to identify fish, how to operate a speargun and the safety guidelines.

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2. Secure a Fishing License

This list of states requires you to get your license: – California – Hawaii – Florida – North Carolina – Oregon – Texas

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3. Join a Club or Organization

A spearfishing club organizes social events for its members and assists with lessons on licenses. You can expect to fork over anywhere from $25 to $40 for an entire year.

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4. Get the Right Spearfishing Gear

If you are an experienced diver, you should have most of the equipment you’ll need, but there is still the hunting aspect to consider.

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Find a Spearfishing Buddy

Diving of any kind can be dangerous, even for professionals. If anything goes out of your hand, your spearfishing buddy can provide immediate help.

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