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How to Catch Sandfleas for Bait

All you need to do is learn how to catch sandfleas for bait, and you’ll have an abundant bait supply that doesn’t require you to spend a dime.

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Follow our step-by-step guide below, and you can take home a bucket of sandfleas without breaking a sweat!

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1. Get a Bucket and a Sandflea Rake

A sand flea rake is like a supersized version of a kitchen sifter. It has an extended handle and a sifter-like basket on the other end.

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2. Hunt During an Outgoing Tide

If you’re looking to catch sand fleas in large quantities, your best chance is during an outgoing tide. When the waves subside, this is when you will find sand fleas.

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3. Replicate the Natural Habitat

When replicating their natural habitat, you will need a bucket to keep your sand fleas alive for as long as possible. Start by adding some sand.

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4.Use the Rake

Once you have identified the spot, it’s time to whip out the sand flea rake. As the water recedes, rake the sand. Then, dip the basket in the water to rinse the fleas.

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5.Move Your Catch to the Bucket

After catching all the fleas, you need, sieve the sand to remain with the sand fleas and move your catch to the bucket.

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