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How to Catch Crabs in 8 Steps

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It is always great when you get a chance to go out crabbing with your friends and family. But these days, catching crabs can be a bit of an issue.

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To ensure that you have a successful day whenever you go out crabbing, we have put together this informative guide on how to catch crabs.

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Be Familiar With Crabbing Regulations

Usually, each state has its own rules for how to catch crabs. For example, in Alabama, you need a saltwater fishing license, even for recreational crabbing.

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Get Crabbing Equipment

In essence, you only need five things – a bucket, dip net, bait, crab gauge, gloves, and a line. Depending on your state’s regulations, you can also get crap pots.

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Find the Ideal Location

Some of the best places to find crabs are around the water’s edge, especially in shallow water. You should also consider crabbing along the shore of an inlet, a river, or a canal.

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Cut the Line and Secure  the Bait

The best length would be about 12 feet. If not on a rocky shore, a 10 feet line be enough. Tie one end of the line with a stick and the other end with your preferred bait.

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Throw the Bait Into  the Water

Choose a spot on the water and throw your bait. Ensure your throw is strong enough to place the bait into the water far enough.

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