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8 Critical Fishing Knots You Should Know

Fishing knots play a pivotal role in deciding the angler’s fate. An angler can catch more fish and be more efficient if they know the appropriate knot to use.

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It would be safe to say that there is not simply one knot that works for everything. Each knot serves its own purpose. Here are eight critical knots that you should know.

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1. Improved Clinch Knot

This knot is widely popular and is suitable for nearly all situations. This knot is perfect for securing a fishing line to the hook and also to lure in the fish.

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2. Berkley Braid Knot

Berkley advanced the Berkley braid knot by using it with super braided lines. This braid is a boon and works flawlessly with fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing lines.

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3. Uni Knot

The Uni knot, formerly known as the Gallows knot. This knot is multipurpose and can be used to join two fishing lines and attach hooks, swivels, or lures to the end of the line.

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4. Surgeon’s Knot

This knot is a modified version of the surgical knot and simple evolution of the reef knot. An extra twist is added while the first throw is tied to form a double overhand knot.

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5. Turtle Knot

This knot is used to attach a hook or a fly to the end of the line and is appropriate for fly fishing. This knot should be used at the angler’s discretion.

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