Best Fishing Lakes in British Columbia

British Columbia has hundreds of fishing lakes across it, making the province a fishing paradise.

If you are in British Columbia and would like to go fishing, you can check out any of the lakes we have provided below.

Quesnel Lake

The beautiful Quesnel lake is located in Eastern British Columbia in the Cariboo Mountains. The lake is known as one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Being a manmade lake, Lake Willston is the 7th largest reservoir in the whole world with many river mouths and inlets.

Willston Lake

Slocan Lake

The enchanting Slocan Lake is nestled away in the Valhalla Mountain Range shadows. It is one of the best lakes in BC for fishing because of its well-sized fish.

Alta Lake covers about 103.9 ha of land. The lake is among the best lakes in British Columbia because it is not only an excellent fishing ground.

Alta Lake

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