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10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Many dangers lurk in the depths of the ocean. Some are hidden beneath the waves, while others swim alongside us. Of all the creatures in the sea, fish are among the most dangerous.

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Some fish are poisonous, while others can deliver a painful sting. And then there are the fish that have razor-sharp teeth.

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10. Fugu

Fugu, a  Japanese word for pufferfish, is one of the most dangerous fish. It may look harmless, but fugu contains tetrodotoxin, a deadly neurotoxin that is deadlier than cyanide. 

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9. Box Jellyfish

Found in warm waters, including Australia, Hawaii, and the Gulf of Mexico. It has long, venomous tentacles reaching 10 feet long. Its sting is often compared to being burned alive.

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8. Stingray

While attacks are rare, stingray punctures can be very painful or deadly. When stepped on, they often lash out with their tail, leaving a deep and extremely painful wound.

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7. Candiru

It is only around one inch in length, but very dangerous. Commonly found in the Amazon River, the candiru is a parasitic fish. It enters the body through the urethra.

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6. Red Lionfish

Lionfish have long, flowing fins and 18 venomous spines that can deliver a painful, sometimes fatal, sting.

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