Treble Hook Size Chart and Guide

With so many sizes and styles, picking a treble hook size can be challenging for new anglers. Luckily, our treble hook size chart can point you in the right direction. We even included the best treble hook size for different fish species, such as trout, catfish, and bass. 

Treble Hook Size Chart

Treble hooks are available from size 1/0 to #14. In the treble hook size chart below, you will see the measurement of each hook size in terms of height and gap width and height.

Photo showing a treble hook size chart

Note: Keep in mind that hook manufacturers often have their own measurements and specifications. For instance, if you compare Eagle Claw Hooks to our chart above, there is a slight difference.

How to Measure a Treble Hook?

photo showing the anatomy of a treble hook

If you have a treble hook lying around and don’t know what size it is, you can measure it by determining the gap width, the height of the hook, and the gap height. 

  1. Get a ruler or tape measure. 
  2. Measure the hook’s height (from the eye to the bottom). 
  3. Then, measure the shank to the point. 
  4. For the gap height, measure from the point to the bottom. 

Once you have measurements of the three (gap height, width, and hook height), you can cross-reference them to the treble hook size chart above. 

Tip: If you need help determining the hook size, always remember that the bigger the hook number, the smaller the hook is. However, this rule applies to hook sizes between 32 and 1. For aughts, the higher the number, the larger the hook is.

How Do I Know What Size Treble Hook to Get?

The right treble hook size depends on various factors, including the hook style options, the fish type, the lure type, and the fishing conditions. For instance, a round bend treble hook is best if you like fishing in deeper waters. But, a short shank treble hook is for places with underwater growths.

Type of Fish

You’ll never find a single treble hook that fits all fish species. Each fish species grows to a different size, so you must match a specific fish with a particular hook size. 

If you use a small treble hook, it is highly likely that it won’t fit in the corner of the fish’s mouth. For example, the best treble hook size for bass is 4 – 8 because they are aggressive and have extreme pulling strength.

Here’s an overview of the typical hook sizes for various fish:

  • Trout: Size 8 -12
  • Bass: Size 4 – 8
  • Catfish: Size 4 -6
  • Salmon: S 1/0 – 4/0
  • Carp: Size 4 – 8
  • Crappie: #2 and #4
  • Walleye: Size 2 
  • Pike: Size 8 – 14
  • Alligator gar: 3/0 or smaller

Live Bait/Lure Size

You should also match the treble hook size to the live bait or lure size you will use. Of course, the bait you use should correspond to what kind of fish you’re targeting. For instance, for catfish, you should use liver. 

Tip: If you need help keeping the bait in place, consider swapping to a baitholder hook until you have the best treble hook size to use. 


Treble hook ends or eyes are available in 12 different styles, with ringed being the most popular because threading a line is simple, and you can tie various knots. 

  • Open-Ring
  • Ringed
  • Flatted Ring
  • Turned Up Eye
  • Cut Shank
  • Knobbed
  • Turned Down Eye
  • Large Eye
  • Inline Rotated Ring
  • Spade End
  • Notched

Treble Hook Shanks

A hook shank is a straight metallic piece below the eye, extending to the bend. Its length changes depending on the size of the hook, but it always comes in the same shape. There are several types of shanks, including:

  • Extra Short Shank
  • Open Shank
  • Curved Shank
  • Short Shank
  • Medium Shank
  • Long Shank
  • 2X Extra Long Shank
  • 3X Extra Long Shank
  • Extra Long Shank
  • 1 Barb on Shank
  • 2 Barbs on Shank
  • 3 Barbs on Shank
  • Z Lock Bend

Treble Hook Points

The points in a treble hook (or any hook for that matter) are the finely-sharpened section penetrating the fish’s mouth. Unlike shanks and hook ends, you’ll only find five variations to choose from, and these include:

  • Curved-In Point
  • Straight Point
  • Long Point
  • Kirbed Point
  • Reversed Point

Treble Hook Gap/Bend

Depending on the type of fish you’re chasing, you might need a narrow or wider gap hook. For example, if you’re chasing live minnows, you’ll have to get a wider gap because they move around a lot after hooking. The available hook gaps are:

  • Extra Wide Gap
  • Wide Gap
  • Technical Locking Curve

Treble Hook Barbs

A barb prevents the hook from slipping out of the fish’s mouth. Most barbed trebles have a single bard on each shank, making them three. Here are the treble hook barbs available on the market:

  • Standard
  • Barbless
  • Micro Barb
  • 3 Micro-Barb Point
  • Outside Barb
  • Semi-Barbless


Treble fishing hooks use high-carbon steel, vanadium, or stainless steel. Vanadium steel treble hooks are the best because they are the strongest and the lightest. However, they come with a steep price tag. 


Are Treble Hooks Illegal

Some states regulate the use of these hooks when fishing using live bait. Others also restrict their use on trout streams. So, check what your state says about using treble hooks to avoid getting into trouble.

How Big Is a Number 4 Treble Hook?

A number 4 treble fishing hook measures 7/8 inch tall/long and 3/8 inch from the shaft to the center shank.

What’s the Difference Between Treble Hooks and Other Hook Types? 

One distinct feature of treble hooks that you can’t find in other hook types, such as Kahle hooks, Aberdeen hooks, circle hooks, and octopus hooks, is its three points and one-shank design. This makes it highly recommended when using cut bait or artificial baits for threading minnows or trolling for salmon

What Can I Use as an Alternative to Treble Hooks

You can use an in-line single hook like a siwash hook as an alternative. Like treble hooks, it has a long and straight shank. Another option is in-line j-hooks. 

A Comprehensive Treble Fishing Hook Size Guide

With many types of treble hook sizes and styles, it can be confusing which one to choose the right one. Hopefully, our treble hook size chart has been helpful. But, as you go shopping, remember that not all manufacturers provide information on the dimension of their treble hooks.