How to Build a Beginner’s Tackle Box

First of all, it is absolutely unnecessary to convince an angler that a fishing tackle box is a must-have item. If you are making plans to hit the water, the first thing you are going to think about is your fishing gear. Obviously, you will get your rod, reel, line, right?

Is that all? Of course not! Fishing is the best way to relax but at the same time, it takes a lot of thought to prepare your tackle. Many people, especially beginners, end up taking unnecessary things. There are some things that you may overlook until you are really in need of them!

While you can certainly buy a beginner’s fishing kit on Amazon, it often contains stuff you will never use and some low-quality gear to boot. It is generally better to build your own beginner’s fishing kit, especially if you plan to continue fishing more than once.

Today, our fishing experts will give you significant tips and show you 5 must-have items to stock in your beginner tackle box. Let’s see what they said.


1. Select Your Lures Wisely

It goes without saying that there are thousands of fishing tackle boxes on the market. There are big boxes or small and many anglers just have a small lure box! The biggest mistake all beginner make is taking all their lures and ending up using only one.

More specifically, if you are a spinning fishing enthusiast, you will have to move from one place to another. Thus, it would be a good idea to bring only the “best” lures. In a few words, the right fishing lures or fly fishing flies depend on some factors which we are going to mention below.

Before you hit the great outdoors, make sure you consider how each of these will affect your fishing trip:

  • Target Fish
  • Environment
  • Season
  • Technique
  • Time

Every species of fish have different nutritional habits, so you should select an “attractive” lure. Maybe you are familiar with the adage: “Match the Hatch”. This adage describes exactly what you should take into consideration.

For example, if you are fishing in lushy and weedy areas or murky waters for bass, it would be a really good idea to use some spinnerbaits! Spinnerbaits have a shiny blade which reflects light, so it is a good lure for murky waters.

Check the set of 10 spinnerbaits with the anti-rust treble hooks and shiny Colorado blade. It is an affordable set of 2.5″ lures suitable for trout, bass, pike and salmon. Be sure that you will lose lot of them!

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2. Don’t Forget Your Fishing Pliers

Unhooking a fish without a good pair of fishing pliers could be tricky especially if you are fishing for fish with sharp teeth like pike. Many anglers forget to bring with them this handy tool and that’s a big mistake. A set of fishing pliers is not just an “unhooking” tool.

It’s an “all-in-one” tool as you can unhook, cut monofilament, fluorocarbon and split rings of your fishing lures. Most fishing pliers have a “built-in” cutter which is extremely useful especially if the fish swallows the hook.

A starter fishing gear set should definitely contain a good pair of fishing pliers. These Piscifun Aluminum pliers below could be handy because they are made to do everything! The material is made to pass the test of time and it will never rust.

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3. All Season Fishing Gloves

Fishing is an “all season” outdoor activity so you do not have to wait till summer to hit the water! However, you will need special equipment that will keep you dry and warm. Think about it.

Ice fishermen probably understand what we are talking about. Since your hands are exposed to the harsh elements of nature, a high level of protection and insulation is absolutely necessary.

It goes without saying that gloves do not only protect you from the cold weather, but also protect your fingers! There are thousands of fishing gloves available. For summer fishing you could choose fingerless fishing gloves.

The Berkley fishing gloves are great for every angler as they are flexible and outfitted with special anti-skid parts. Super tough and breathable for both summer and winter fishing.

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4. Swivels for Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Since you are reading our article you are interested in learning how to build your beginner tackle box. According to our fishing gear experts, swivels are the most important tools you should bring with you. Sure they are small, but they are super important for every fishing style.

No line twists thanks to this little buddy. Whether you are trolling or baitcasting, swivels are necessary. Moreover, it is a good way to connect two lines! Most anglers use them to join the main line with the fluorocarbon leader line.

Here we come to a set of Barrel Swivels which utilize an excellent material for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. There is also a connector snap and it will not hurt your line thanks to the unique “flexible-rotation” technology. Tie your leader lines to lures with those small barrel swivels.

The details make the difference.

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5. Flashlight or Headlight for Night Fishing

Fishing at night is an experience that you will never forget. The best fishing time is dawn and dusk. When it becomes dark you should already turn on your flashlight. There is no need to emphasize on the need of a flashlight!

It is a must-have tool for your beginner tackle box which you can use for night fishing and emergency situations of course. Our recommendation is a LED headlight for a “hands-free” fishing experience and comfort.

The 5000 Lumen Street Cat headlight will work up to 30.000 hours with 3 led lighting modes. Enjoy your fishing trip and don’t worry about your headlight. It is 100% waterproof and it is made of ABS plastic (the outer shell).

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Wrapping Up

Summarizing a novice fisherman’s tackle box must have not only the basics but also some extra gear. We compiled this guide and mentioned the essentials. Honestly, there aren’t any specific things.

Now that you’ve selected the gear you want in your tackle box, it’s time to get the best tackle box to hold everything.