Best Fishing Line Spooler – Faster Spooling and No More Line Twists!

Want fewer line twists, less time line spooling, and more time fishing? With the best fishing line spooler, you can do just that! 

In this blog post, we’ll tell you more about the best and most popular choices options available on the market. We’ll also give you expert tips on choosing the best fishing line winder.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Fishing Line Spooler

Besides durability and price, you should consider several other factors before buying a reel spooler. They include:

Line Capacity and Spool Size

The amount of line held by the spooler will depend on the size of the spool. If you fish often, you’ll want to ensure the winder can accommodate a larger spool. 

Mount Type

Line spoolers have different mount types. Each has pros and cons, so choosing the one that will work best for you is essential. 

  1. C-Clamp: A c-clamp mount is the most common type. It attaches to a table or other flat surface and has a firm grip, so it’s perfect for windy days. 
  2. Suction Cup: Fishing line winders with a suction cup mount also requires a flat surface. Unfortunately, the grip is not as firm as a c-clamp.
  3. Reel Seat Mount: In a reel seat mount, you attach the fishing reel directly to the line spooler’s handle. The other end is the fishing line spooler arm which typically has an adjustment screw and knob. 
  4. Rod Mount: As its name implies, line winders with a rod mount attaches to your rod. It uses a concave clamp to secure the spooler without damaging the rod.  

Adjustable Tension

Proper tension is crucial when line spooling to prevent and eliminate twists. Some spoolers have adjustable tension, allowing you to control how much line you can wound onto the spool. This is an excellent feature if you want to avoid over-winding your line and ensure proper spooling of a new line to casting reels.


Choosing one with a compact design is essential if you plan on taking your spooler with you when you travel. Some fishing line winders have a foldable design, while others have components you can disassemble for portability and cabinet storage. 

Ease of Use

You’ll want to ensure your spooler offers easy operation, so you don’t waste time fumbling with it when trying to fish. Look for a reel that is easy to attach and remove. It should also come with clear instructions. 

What Are the Best Fishing Line Spoolers?

The best fishing line spoolers are from Piscifun, Berkley, THKFISH,  Penn, and Plusinno. Their spoolers offer various features designed to make spooling your line easier, faster, and more efficient. Some also boast an excellent tension adjustment design, while others use high-grade materials.

1. Piscifun ‎Speed Line Spooler

If you need a spinning reel spooler that is compact and lightweight, look no further than the Piscifun Speed Spooler. Thanks to its two bushings, you can use this high-strength graphite winder for wide and narrow spools. Plus, it is compatible with baitcasting, trolling, and spinning reels.

If you are worried about the tension, don’t be! An adjustable middle knob is integrated into this winder to get proper tension and avoid tangling your lines while spooling! Unfortunately, this fishing line winder doesn’t provide enough gripping power to keep the line spool in position.

Piscifun ‎Speed Line Spooler

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2. Berkley Portable Fishing Line Spooling Station

If you prefer to have a winder that you can set up on a table or any flat surface, Berkley’s Portable Fishing Spooling Station is worth considering getting. You can use this lightweight, table-top spooler to wind line onto different reels, including casting and spinning reels. It also accepts various spool sizes and includes a tensioner.

Unfortunately, this spooling station and its cones for applying tension are made from plastic. It also doesn’t have a suction or clamp.

Berkley Portable Fishing Line Spooling Station

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3. THKFISH Fishing Line Spooler

This fishing spooler from THKFISH uses a c-clamp mount, ensuring it stays stable and in position when line spooling. It even has an anti-slip mat for maximum grip and prevents slippage even when you attach it on uneven surfaces.

What makes the THKFISH Fishing Spooler unique from other winders is that it comes with a line remover. However, this spooler may not be for you if you need more tension.

THKFISH Fishing Line Spooler

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4. Penn Fishing Line Winder

Looking for a heavy-duty line winder that can handle any size spool? Look no further than the Penn Fishing Line Winder.

This winder is made from heavy-duty steel and has a hard, chip-resistant paint job. It can hold filler and bulk spools because you can narrow down or widen its spooler arms. The tension on the Penn Fishing Line Winder is even adjustable.

Another perk is that you can fold it away after use. Unfortunately, the Penn Fishing Line Winder has a premium price tag – three times more than other line spoolers!

Penn Fishing Line Winder

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5. Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler Machine

Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine uses a rod mount, which is convenient when you need to re-spool in the middle of your fishing trip. Its rod clip is even compatible with thin and thick rod blanks!

For rods in 0.6-1.1″ diameter, use the clamp’s concave surface. If your rod is thinner (0.2-0.6″), all you need to do is rotate the clamp over and use the convex surface.

Unlike the previously mentioned Piscifun spooler, the EZ spooler machine offers two mounting options
– rod mount and suction cup. As for its spool capacity, it can accept a maximum width of 5.5in/140mm. However, larger spools can hit the rod upon rotation.

Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler Machine

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6. PLUSINNO Fishing Line Spooler with Unwinding Function

This line spooler from PLUSINNO shares the same rod mount as the EZ spooler. You can also use it with spinning, baitcasting, trolling, and even fly-fishing reels.

What makes it unique is that aside from winding lines, you can also use it to unwind old lines from your reel. Unfortunately, this line spooler is not the best choice if you use Triline and other small core spools.

PLUSINNO Fishing Line Spooler with Unwinding Function

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Tangle-Free Spooling

If you’re looking for an easier, faster way to spool your fishing line – without all the twists and tangles – then you need a fishing line spooler. Hopefully, one of our choices for the best fishing line winders is suitable for you.