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What Is Trolling for Fish?

If you’ve wondered what is trolling for fish, you’re in the right place. Trolling is one of the most effective ways to catch fish, whether fishing for trout, salmon, or bass.

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Here we will give you an overview of how to troll for fish, including what equipment you need to be successful.

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1. Trolling Rod

You can use different rods depending on where you are fishing and the type of fish you are catching. However, your rod needs to be stiff to tolerate water resistance.

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2. Reel

The reel is another critical piece of gear for trolling. You’ll need a reel that can hold a lot of line and has a good drag system.

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3. Boat

Of course, you’ll need a boat to go trolling. You can use any type, but some are better suited for the task than others.

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4. Trolling Motor

A trolling motor moves the boat slowly and faster through the water and allows you to fish in areas without wind or current.

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5. Outriggers

Outriggers are long poles that extend out from the side of the boat. They hold the line away from the boat to prevent tangles.

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