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What Is a Knocker Rig and How to Make One?

If you’ve got a bottom fishing outing scheduled this season, you need the knocker rig in your arsenal.

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You’ll catch more fish and win more bragging rights from your fishing buddies. Plus, it is easy to make one!

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What Is a Knocker Rig Good For?

It keeps the bait suspended off the bottom while the sinker knocks around along the seabed, enticing a bite. The sinker sits right on top of the hook when casting.

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When to Use a Knocker Rig?

The knocker rig works best when fishing for species that hold tight to structures like reefs, piers, pilings, oil rigs, shipwrecks, rocks, etc.

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How to Tie a Knocker Rig

The knocker rig is simple to tie, even for beginner anglers. All you need is a circle hook, egg sinker, barrel swivel, and at least five feet of abrasion-resistant leader line.

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1. Prepare and Cut the Leader Line

Monofilament is the best type of leader for the knocker rig. It offers good abrasion resistance since you’ll be throwing your bait around jagged structures.

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2. Secure the Barrel Swivel

Select a swivel with a slightly heavier test rating than the leader you’re using. Tie the swivel to your main line using a swivel knot.

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