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Trolling for Walleye: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Walleyes are finicky creatures and tricky to catch. Our trolling for walleye guide includes the ideal rig, trolling equipment, and lures so you can finally start reeling in walleyes on your boat!

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Before renting a boat and heading out to the waters, do you have the right or set up for a successful walleye trolling? If not, here is a rundown of what you will need.

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Line Counter Reel

A line counter reel measures the length of line you should let out. Many veteran anglers pairs the line counter reel with a lure depth chart for maximum efficiency. 

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Trolling Rod

The best rod for trolling walleye should be heavy enough to handle the weight of planner boards, heavy sinkers, and, of course, walleyes.

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Trolling Line

It offers an exceptional knot strength, is barely visible underwater, has a thin radius, controlled stretch, offers you consistency, and is abrasion-resistant.

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Planer Boards

Planner boards are mostly used in fresh or shallow water trolling. Like downriggers, they allow you to use multiple lines and drop your baits into the water.

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Crankbaits are the best walleye trolling lures you can use. Keep in mind that walleyes have low-light vision and seek cover in deeper water.

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