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Complete Kayaking in Chicago Guide for Beginner Paddlers

Have you ever wondered if you can kayak in Chicago? Kayaking in Chicago is a lot of fun, and you can join the adventure no matter your skill level.

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But before choosing where to go kayaking in Chicago, always research the location and exploration features available. We’ve provided a list of some exciting places.

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Chicago River

You can begin paddling the Southway of The Loop at Ping Tom Park and kayak north two miles into the town. You can also kayak 2.5 miles downside from the Branch Turning Basin.

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Des Plaines River

The slow water flow of the Des Plaines River makes it perfect for kayaking among beginners and kids. The river is also very accessible, with boat launches all along it.

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Skokie Lagoons

The Skokie Lagoons have eight lagoons and 7 miles of trails, making it an excellent place for beginners and advanced kayakers.

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North Avenue Beach

This long stretch of beach, framed by Lake Shore Drive and North Avenue, is one of the best places to take your kayak out on the water in the city because it’s easily accessible.

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Tampier Lake

The lake has two boat launches available: one in the southwest corner of the lake and one in the southeast corner of the lake.

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