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Fort Lauderdale Beach: The Top 12 Things to Do and Places to Stay

There is no better place than Fort Lauderdale Beach for a southeast vacation with a beautiful coastline and plenty to do.

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With 24 miles of pristine beaches and coastal communities, here are things to do on vacation in Fort Lauderdale Beach, the best restaurants, and where to stay.

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1. Visit the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens is a historic art museum and gallery, full of works owned by the original owners Hugh Taylor Birch.

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2. Go On an Interactive Private Cruise

The BlueFoot Pirate Adventures is a sure-fire way of keeping the kids entertained on a night out. Washable “tattoos” and face painting are available.

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3. Explore the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale

Founded in 1958, the NSU Art Museum showcases exhibitions that encompass all variations of our visual history.

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4. Get Around Fort Lauderdale Beach on the Sun Trolley

This mode of transportation is entirely free for all passengers and transports riders all around the area.

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5. Visit Fort Lauderdale Founder’s Stranahan House

The Stranahan House has served as a trading post, post office, and of course, original home to the Stranahan family.

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