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The Best Ikejime Kits for an Ethical and Humane Catch

This humane and ethical method of killing fish also ensures your catch stays fresh and retains its best possible flavor.

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Here’s how ikejime works and a review of the best kits you can use to perform an ikejime.

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1. Xtrada Shinkeijime Long Ikejime Kit – Best Ikejime Kit

Whether you are a commercial fisherman or a recreational angler, the Xtrada Shinkeijime Kit is best ikejime kit you can get on market today.

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2. Svord Kiwi Iki Spike

We particularly love this ikejime spike because of its easy-to-grip handle – most ice picks are usually rounded and harder to hold and maneuver when your hands are wet.

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3. Xtrada Pocket Ikejime

It has an ergonomic handle, an easy-to-glide wire, and a spike that requires minimal effort to push through the fish’s brain.

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4. Yoshihiro Spike

The t-shaped handle is still easy to grip. However, the spike’s thickness can be overkill if you catch smaller fish.

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5. Svaitend Aluminum Alloy Ice Pick

It looks like a regular kitchen ice pick, but you’ll love its textured handle for extra grip. The only gripe we had with this product was the spike’s diameter.

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