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Best Ice Fishing Sleds to Haul More Gear

When picturing a sled, you might imagine the thrill of sliding down a steep, snowy hill. For ice fishing anglers, however, they double as workhorses to haul the equipment.

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In many ways, an ice fishing sled differs from its recreational counterpart. Most manufacturers offer all-purpose sleds, but some have also designed a variety of models.

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1. Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled – Best Choice

It has a large 54″ x 25.5″ carrying bed that can easily accommodate a variety of fishing items like rods and ice augers.

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2. Pelican NOMAD 40 Multipurpose Utility Sled

Like the Shappell, the Pelican NOMAD 40 also uses high-density polyethylene for crack protection.

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3. Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled

The Flexible Flyer is marketed as a toboggan and ice fishing multipurpose sled. At 66″ x 20″, its total storage area.

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4. Frabill Universal Shelter Tow Bar

The Universal Shelter Tow Bar is the perfect ice fishing sled accessory. Though it can help you pull tackle, its specialty is carrying portable shelters.

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5. Shappell JSX Jet Sled

“JSX” stands for “Jet Sled Extra-Large.” Indeed, this sled has the largest carrying capacity on our best ice fishing sleds list, both horizontally and vertically.

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