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Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Struggling to stay warm and cozy when angling in frigid temperatures? You need to wear an ice fishing bib! This must-have fishing apparel adds extra insulation to protect your body from the cold.

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Material, padding, and insulation usually come to mind when shopping for an ice fishing bib. But factors like pockets, floatation feature, and even the ease of getting in and out are also crucial.

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1. WindRider Ice Fishing Suit Insulated Bibs and Jacket

The WindRider combines multiple elements to create an affordable ice fishing bib and coat combination. 

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2. StrikerICE Hardwater Bib

Unlike the WindRider, the StrikerICE is a solo fishing bib that uses Thermadex for advanced insulation.

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3. Frabill I-3 Bib

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bib to stay warm while ice fishing, the Frabill I-3 bib is one of the best for extreme temperatures. 

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4. StrikerICE Women’s Prism Bib

It fits a female’s body, with extra padding where it is needed. The floatation fabric, Sureflote, offers two hours of floatability.

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5. ICE ARMOR by Clam Ascent

Clam Ascent is a well-known brand in the ice fishing industry, and the ICEARMOR is one of their budget-friendly products.

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