Best Fishing Lakes in Tennessee

With around 500,000 acres of water surface and over 1,000 lakes, both natural and artificial, Tennessee is an excellent place for fishing, whether you are a beginner or professional angler.

However, debating among which are the best ones could take forever, but some of the best fishing lakes in Tennessee include.

Kentucky Lake

This artificial lake is the largest artificial lake in the eastern United States. Located at the northwest Kentucky and Tennessee border.

With its waters in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, this 43,100-acre lake attracts anglers from the three states and all over the United States.

Pickwick Lake

It has around 496 miles of shoreline and is one of the best Tennessee fishing lakes for beginners and professional anglers.

Dale Hollow

One of the main things that make it among the best fishing lakes in Tennessee is its smallmouth bass. It is still the record holder for the largest smallmouth bass in the world.

This 58,000-acre lake is located on the Tennessee-Kentucky border and is one of the most fantastic Tennessee fishing lakes, especially for bass anglers.

Lake Barkley

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