Best Fishing Lakes in Ohio

Ohio is a fisherman’s dream state, full of excellent destinations for your fishing pleasure. You are always within a couple of hours of a great lake in which to fish.

There is even a Great Lake to enjoy in Ohio. Anglers fishing in Ohio can choose from more than 50,000 lakes and ponds.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is among the best fishing lakes in Ohio. The state shares this fourth-largest Great Lake with several other states and Canada.

With its boast of offering year-round fishing, Piedmont Lake has many downed trees around its rocky shoreline. These, with the docks, create natural habitats for crappie.

Piedmont Lake

Grand Lake St. Marys

Located in southwest Ohio, this lake is one of the best fishing lakes in Ohio for crappie, known for both their numbers and their sizes.

Northeast Ohio is home to this lake, whose 14,000 acres also extend into Pennsylvania. Pymatuning Lake is known for the size and numbers alike of its fish.

Pymatuning Lake

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