Best Fishing Lakes in Colorado

If you are searching for the best fishing lakes in Colorado, you can visit Lake Gransby, the Blue Mesa Reservoir, the Spinney Mountain Reservoir or Lake Estes.

Standley Lake contains many types of fish, and while you are fishing in the area, you might catch bass, walleye, rainbow trout and yellow perch.

The Blue Mesa Reservoir

This lake has an area of at least 9,000 acres, and the Blue Mesa Reservoir is conveniently located in the Curecanti National Recreation Area.

When you fish in Lake Gransby, you may catch lake trout, sockeye salmon, kokanee salmon and rainbow trout.

Lake Gransby

Chambers Lake

This reservoir is located in the Roosevelt National Forest, and when you fish in Chambers Lake, you might find several types of trout.

If you fish in the lake, you could catch northern pike, rainbow trout and yellow perch. During the last year, more than 100 fishermen have created excellent reviews.

The Spinney Mountain Reservoir

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