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Best Castable Fish Finders 2022

Castable fish finders are a relatively new and unknown feature on the market. They allow anglers to cast their fishing line out farther than they could with traditional methods.

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The kind of model that suits your needs depends on what type of fishing you plan to do most often in the future.

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1. Garmin Striker Cast

Battery-powered and weighing only 75 grams, the Garmin Striker Cast is our favorite castable fish finder. Just install batteries, download the app, pair your mobile device.

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2. Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder

A great castable fish finder, the Deeper Start uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your mobile device. The mobile app displays the fish location, size, bottom.

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3. Ibobber Reelsonar Castable Fish Finder

The ReelSonar castable fish finder features a rechargeable battery that lasts 10+ hours to power the LED beacon which is capable of accuate sonar readings.

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4. Deeper Pro+  Smart Sonar Castable  Fish Finder

The Deeper Pro+ castable fish finder is a portable, castable, GPS enabled fish finder that scans down to 330 ft / 100m.

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5. Lucky Portable Sonar Fish Finder

The lucky fish finder is a great castable finder for boating. With a max oeprating range of 328ft and max depth of 147ft.

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