What You Should Pack in Your Foul-Weather Bag

A Foul-Weather Bag, or an FWB as it is sometimes known, is one of those critical items on your fishing trip that you’re most likely to leave behind because you don’t think it’s necessary. We highly recommend you take your FWB along on every trip regardless of if the weather is nice or not. IF anything, you can just leave it in your car while you’re fishing. Trust us, should foul-weather come your way, you’ll be glad you had your FWB.


What is a Foul-Weather Bag?

A foul-weather bag or FWB is a bag in which you keep emergency items in case it rains, snows, or throws any other sort of weather abomination at you. You’ll want to pack everything inside of a waterproof bag which can be the size of a bread loaf or small wastebasket. You just need enough space to hold the items below and nothing more.

The best part about a foul-weather bag is that once it is packed, you can just throw it in your car for every fishing trip. If you don’t use it, there’s no reason to unpack it when you’re done so it will be ready whenever you need it.


What Kind of Bag Should You Use?

You’ll want a waterproof dry bag as your foul-weather bag so that they stuff you need to keep for emergencies is kept dry. We already wrote a post on the best ways to keep your gear waterproof. We highly recommend the Ultra Dry Adventurer as your foul-weather bag. You can probably get away with the 10L bag.

Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Bag

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What Goes in a Foul-Weather Bag?


The main purpose of your foul-weather bag is to have everything you need should foul-weather hit. The number one thing you’ll need is your rain suit so that you can stay dry. You’ll want to have a lightweight and compact rain suit so that you can easily pack it in your FWB. I typically leave my rain suit on top of everything else I pack in my FWB so that it can be the first thing I grab.

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

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First Aid Kit

If you are wearing a fishing vest, you might already have a first aid kit. However, since your dry bag is bigger than your fishing vest pockets, you can bring a more fully-equipped first aid kit than you would carry in your vest.

You’ll want to look for a first aid kit that comes with medicine, antiseptics, bandages, gauze, and other first aid necessities. Most first aids kits available will come with these items, so it really depends on personal preference.

first aid kit

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Knit Hat

If you plan to go fishing in cooler weather, you should bring along a knit hat. Even if it is warm during the day, you never know when a cold front will come through or you’ll be stuck after dark. A knit hat will ensure that you stay warm regardless.

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Gloves can serve several purposes in fishing. Obviously, there is the cold weather aspect which is why we recommend having a warm pair of gloves in your FWB. These will ensure your hands and fingers are warm.

The other main purpose of gloves is to be able to securely hold fish when you catch them. We recommend a rubberized fishing glove like you would use for gardening. You still should wet your gloves before handling fish since you don’t want to ruin their slime coat.

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Fleece Pullover

Just like you’ll want warm gloves and a knit hat should the weather turn cold, you’ll also want a fleece pullover to stay warm. Choose one that fits snuggly so you get the full insulation of the fleece.

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Hand Warmers

While these aren’t necessary, you will be glad you have these if the weather turns colder or the wind picks up. Stuff one in each glove and enjoy hours of warmth.

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You never know what might happen while you’re out fishing. Maybe you get stranded and you can’t even drive out from where you are. Or maybe you just want to cook the fish you just caught. Regardless of why you need them, matches are a necessity. Pick some up at your local store before heading out.



Regardless of how waterproof your boots and waders are, your socks are bound to get wet at some point during your fishing trip. Having a fresh pair that you can throw on before you head home will make you feel much cozier.



If you plan to stay out into the evening, having a flashlight is necessary. You don’t want to be trapped out in the water and not be able to see anything around you. We recommend getting a headlamp type flashlight since this will allow you to keep both hands free while you continue to fish or find your way back to shore.


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