7 Best Kayak Motor Mounts: Attach a Motor to Your Kayak!

Kayaking is fun, relaxing, and adventurous. But sometimes, paddling across vast water bodies or maneuvering your way upstream takes a lot of energy. Here’s where kayak motor mounts comes into play.

Motorizing your recreational or fishing kayak allows you to get from points A to B without much effort and cover a wider area faster. The only caveat is you need to use durable, reliable, and compatible kayak motor mounts. Lucky for you, we have put various mounts to the test and compiled a list of the best kayak motor mounts based on our first-hand experience.

What Are the Best Kayak Motor Mounts?

The best kayak motor mounts include the Brocraft, Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TM315, and Newport Vessels NK180 trolling motor mounts. Based on our research, these kayak motor mounts are compatible with various kayak hull designs and are generally easy to install.

Some also have the necessary tools like t bolts and motor mount inserts out of the box and can be positioned comfortably for both left and right-handed anglers.

We also found and tested some options you can attach to the back of the kayak and mounts made from corrosion-resistant or high-density plastic materials.

So, whether you are looking for the best stern mount, need a replacement that uses less space, or a tougher but lightweight composition material, we have found the right mount for you.

1. Best Trolling Motor Mount Overall: Brocraft Kayak Track Trolling Motor Mount

After testing it, we concluded that the Brocraft Kayak Track trolling motor mount is the top kayak trolling motor mount.

Brocraft’s trolling motor mount ticks all the crucial boxes, including universal compatibility, no-drill installation, and adjustable hull widths and angles. It’s also made with marine-grade aluminum alloy and nylon, known to be rust-resistant and robust.

The kayak motor mount fits perfectly on the side of your kayak without modifications or extra hardware. Moreover, the double-sided clamp makes it stronger despite the no-drill feature.

Another great feature we love is that comes with dual rod holders to attach to your kayak before you slide and clamp the motor mount onto it.

This Brocraft fishing mount is also phenomenal because the mount’s maximum thrust limit is 35 pounds. The only downside of this kayak is that it doesn’t perform well at the bow or stern. The kayak motor mount cost is also higher, but based on our experience with this mount, it is worth the price.

Best Trolling Motor Mount Overall: Brocraft Kayak Track Trolling Motor Mount

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2. Best for No-Drill Installation: Brooklyn Kayak Company Uh-TM315 Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

If you prefer the no-drill installation but can’t afford Brocraft’s trolling motor mount, the Brooklyn Kayak Company’s motor mount is a great alternative. 

If you prefer the no-drill installation but can’t afford Brocraft’s trolling motor mount, the Brooklyn Kayak Company’s motor mount is a great alternative.

It is sturdy and holds the motor really well. What’s more, the company produces motor mounts with the end users in mind, meaning no elbow grease is necessary during installation.

It is primarily for the bow mount, but our team had a smooth experience using it on the side of the kayak. The kayak trolling motor mount is made with high-quality metal, plastics, and fade materials that are durable yet lightweight.

You’ll notice that the mount attaches to a hollow tubing system, reducing the mount’s weight. But don’t worry; this motor mount supports 23-30 lbs of thrust, which is impressive for a lightweight mount.

Overall, the motor mount offers great performance but tends to get wobbly when you’re in motion. The easiest fix is using rubber sheets or clamps to secure the tubing system.

Best for No-Drill Installation: Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TM315 Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

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3. Best for Price: Pro Controll Ez Mount Trolling Motor Bow Mount Bracket

If you’re looking for an affordable kayak motor mount that performs well in the water, look no further than the Pro Controll EZ mount. 

The mount is cheaper than most trolling motor mounts on the list, but the durable stainless steel and fiberglass nylon material enhances its quality and performance.

The mount fits perfectly at the bow of your yak, but the results varied after we tested it on the stern and gunwales of various yaks. 

For example, if you want it as a stern mount, your kayak should have a thinner handle at the stern. For side mounting, your kayak rails must be at least 3 inches thick, and you’ll need clamps, bolts, or sturdy knobs to secure the mount in place.

Pro Controll’s trolling motor mount is light, weighing 4.5 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your kayak. Additional pros include easy installation, minimal hardware requirements, and support for up to 50 lbs of motor thrust.

It is an excellent mount for its price range but takes up space, which isn’t ideal for smaller yaks. Furthermore, contrary to the manufacturer’s information, our team made minor modifications to fit the mount in larger kayaks. Luckily, the additional clamps and aluminum angles are readily available.

Best for Price: Pro Controll EZ Mount Trolling Motor Bow Mount Bracket

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4. Best Motor Mount Combo: Newport Vessels NK180 Kayak Trolling Motor Kit

If you need a kayak motor mount and a trolling motor, the NK180 Motor Kit from the Newport Vessels brand offers the best value.  

But that’s not all; despite the combo feature, this product provides efficient power for broad coverage and excellent performance in fresh and salt water. The kayak trolling motor mount is lightweight and fits comfortably on your kayak’s stern. The mount supports an impressive motor thrust of 60lb, and you’ll have fun switching between different steering configurations and operating systems.

Overall, through our practical knowledge, we recommend this motor mount combo for anglers who prefer lightweight mounts and motors that produce low noise. However, you can only power your motor with a lithium deep-cycle or a lead-acid battery.

Additionally, the throttle controller can be a bit hard to press. Good thing Newport offers a 2-year warranty.

Best Motor Mount Combo: Newport Vessels NK180 Kayak Trolling Motor Kit

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5. Best for Transom Mount: Wilderness Systems Universal Transom

The Wilderness Systems Universal Transom is the best for stern trolling motors because it is compatible with most, if not all, kayak sterns.

Its rectangular design can easily attach to kayaks with a flat spot on the stern, and you’ll reinforce it with four bolts and clamps. The mount is made with heavy-duty stainless steel material and has a marine-board backing plate for stabilizing your trolling motor.

Our team also discovered through using this product that it supports trolling motors with up to 70 pounds of thrust. That’s commendable for a transom mount on a flat kayak surface. However, we needed additional clamps and mounting screws to secure the motor mount on specific kayaks like the 2.5 Mercury Outboard.

Best for Transom Mount: Wilderness Systems Universal Transom

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6. Best for Small Motors: Watersnake Kayak Motor Bracket

Finding a good kayak motor mount for small trolling motors is challenging, so it’s no surprise that anglers love the Watersnake kayak motor bracket. This motor mount has an adjustable universal-fitting design bracket, which can, as we’ve expected, accommodate trolling motors with 24lb thrust capacity and below.

The bracket supports various electric motors, but drawing from our experience, it works better with Watersnake trolling motors like T24 and T18. We also noticed that the assembly is challenging for beginners, and parts can break during installation.

Best for Small Motors: Watersnake Kayak Motor Bracket

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7. Best for Compatibility: Railblaza Kayak Motor Mount

The RAILBLAZA kayak motor mount is the best for compatibility because it is customizable to fit different kayaks and custom-mounting positions. Plus, you can pair it with a wide range of trolling motors with a 36 lb thrust capacity or lower.

Even better, the mount is compatible with RAILBLAZA’s RailMount 32-41s accessories that enhance kayak customization, including lights, camera mounts, or rod holders. It is easy to install and allows quick, seamless transitions from paddling to motor-ready controls.

Moreover, the different parts are made with stainless steel, anodized and heavy gauge aluminum, and fiberglass-reinforced polymers for stability.

It is an impressive kayak trolling motor mount and a top choice for many kayak users. However, after trying out this product, we found that there are long-term durability concerns.

Best for Compatibility: RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount

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Do You Need to Register a Motorized Kayak

Yes. Once you’ve motorized a kayak, you will need to register it. The requirements and registration fees may vary from state to state. We suggest reading our article on kayak registration, which explains the requirements across seven significant kayaking states in-depth.

What Kind of Motor Can You Put on a Kayak

You’ll need a trolling motor for your kayak. This type of motor features a propeller, a power head for steering controls, and an electric motor that propels your kayak. However, the trolling engine should match your kayak’s size and mount location.

Tip: You must pair the motor with a good trolling motor battery that has a compatible amp-hour rating. 

Where Is the Best Place to Mount a Trolling Motor on a Kayak

The best mounting position of a trolling motor will depend on your kayak’s shape and type, as well as the weight of the motor. But in general, you have three options: 

  • Bow: Bow-mounted trolling motors work well for anglers who want to control their movement during fishing. You can use hand-, remote-, or foot-controlled bow mounts. The only downside is that they’re expensive and take up more space than stern and side-mounted trolling motors.
  • Side: The side-mounted motor offers better direction and speed control because you can easily stretch your hand to steer the motor. One of its drawbacks is it takes a lot of energy compared to the stern and bow mounts, and you’ll need to perfect your thrust control. 
  • Stern/Transom: The stern or transom refers to the rear part of the kayak. This mount location is excellent for smaller boats and cast fishing.

Can You Mount a Trolling Motor to Any Kayak

Technically, you can mount a trolling motor to any kayak. However, you’ll need to consider if the kayak trolling motor mount is compatible. You should also be mindful of how much weight it will add to the kayak. Remember, regardless of brand and type, kayaks have a weight limit. If you add a mount, motor, and battery, the kayak can become unstable and even capsize if pushed to its weight limit. 

The Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mounts Are Convenient

The best kayak trolling motor mounts improve your kayaking experience by letting you motorize your vessel and spend less time paddling! Make sure that whatever kayak motor mount you get is compatible and easy to install, whether it’s DIY or custom mount or ready to use.