3 Best Fishing Jet Skis – Have Fun and Fish at the Same Time!

Sure, you can rent a jet ski and bring one fishing rod and a small tackle box. But the thrill, convenience and performance of these top fishing jet ski models are simply top notch! Not only do they have a powerful engine and large fuel tank, these personal watercraft or PWC fishing vessels are loaded with fishing-oriented features like rod holders that you won’t find on recreation jet skis.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Fishing Jet Ski

Before buying a fishing jet ski, you should consider these five crucial factors – hull, engine, rider capacity, storage, and fuel consumption. Keeping these five things in mind will make your time on your fishing jet ski enjoyable.

Rider Capacity

The size of your jet ski vessel is crucial in terms of passenger capacity. Smaller, lighter jet skis offers better maneuverability and are more suitable for anglers with less experience. Larger jet skis, on the other hand, are harder to handle but are more stable and have a higher sitting capacity.

Our top choices for the best jet skis for fishing provide a sizable selection of two- and three-seat PWCs. Some designs, like the Yamaha FX cruiser type, feature step seats to transport young children easily.


Storage capacity is one of the most common concerns of first-time jet ski fishing buyers. Obviously, they don’t hold as much as gear compared to traditional boats, but there are built-in storage solutions to maximize carrying space.

For instance, the Sea-Doo Pro Scout includes a front storage organizer for small items and a 51L fishing cooler in the rear.


Jet skis run on motors like any other machines. There are four different engine types generally found in jet skis. They include 2-stroke (2 and 3 cylinders), four-stroke (3 and 4 cylinders), and the electric engine. The best jet skis for fishing are the most significant 3-seater models with the largest glide platform, load-bearing capacity, and 150-180 HP, normally aspirated engines.

Regarding engine and performance, you should also pay attention to supercharged and non-supercharged watercraft. Despite being slightly slower, a non-supercharged fishing jet ski has a greater fuel capacity. Despite having nearly the same top speeds, supercharged and non-supercharged PWCs accelerate more rapidly and bite more when you press on the throttle.

Fuel Capacity

When it comes to fuel capacity, higher is always better. This is especially true when you spend the whole day covering as much area as possible. Our top three choices’ fuel capacity ranges from 18 gallons to 20 gallons.

What Are the Best Fishing Jet Skis?

The best fishing jet skis are Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout 300, Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser HO, and Kawasaki Ultra LX. These three models excel in versatility, performance, and features.

Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser HO

Photo of Yamaha Waverunner Fx Cruiser Ho, one of the best fishing jet skis

The Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser is ideal for fishing for various reasons. First, its motor provides enough power and torque to move the jet ski forward quickly and smoothly, even when carrying heavy loads. Second, the vessel’s hull’s stability and comfort-focused design make fishing easier. 

The GPS and built-in fish finder make identifying and pursuing your target easier. The Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser is perfect for your future fishing excursion, regardless of your skill level. 

Moreover, this vessel packs features that make it perfect for fishing and other water sports and activities. For instance, its ample storage space allows you to bring all the gear you need for the day on the lake. 

Riders and fishing enthusiasts will also love this fishing jet ski’s advanced level of intuitive control provided by the exclusive RiDE technology. There is also a wholly electronic control and monitoring system combined with the agile and reliable handling of intelligent hull designs. Together, you’ll get a PWC the provides maximum maneuverability. 

If you are worried with fuel consumption, don’t worry! Yamaha engine’s provides excellent fuel efficiency.

For added convenience and safety, the FX Cruiser comes standard with a multifunction display, cruise control, and a tilt steering wheel.

Kawasaki Ultra LX

Photo of Kawasaki Ultra Lx fishing jet ski

The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra is a sturdy and versatile watercraft that makes fishing simple and easy. Thanks to its 20.6-gallon fuel tank (the largest out of the three), you can spend the entire day on the lake without worrying about running out of gas.

However, unlike the other jet skis for fishing on our list, the Kawasaki Ultra LX is barebones, meaning you’ll need to add third-party accessories later on. The good thing is the Ultra LX can provide you with large storage for all your fishing gear. You have 56 gallons of under-hood storage!

Another wonderful feature is the 22.5 degree depth V hull that makes cutting waves easier than ever. Its 4-stroke naturally aspirated motor also provides a lot of power and facilitates swift acceleration.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout 300 Jet Ski

Photo of Sea Doo Fish Pro Scout 300 Jet Ski

Do you fish consistently and want to maximize your time on the water? Here is the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, a boat built particularly for your hobby.

Sea-Doo is a well-known brand with a track record for excellence and innovation when it comes to making the best fishing jet-ski. The Sea-Doo Fish Pro jet ski’s most exciting feature is its reliable and accurate fish finder finder.

This system has a 6-inch screen and a transducer integrated into the hull. Powered by a Rotax 1630 ACE-130 hp engine, this jet ski is powerful, whether you are cruising around the lake or visiting your favorite fishing spot. 

The trolling motors from Fish Pro also give you easy watercraft control as you make your way back to the dock. 

How about comfort? This Sea-Doo model doesn’t disappoint. It has a cleverly designed seat that allows you to fish facing sideways. 

The Scout has storage room for every trip that any fishing crew or tackle may imagine, thanks to a sizable front storage organizer. At the rear, you have the LinQ fishing cooler with rod holders.

Another amazing feature is the trolling mode. There are nine pre-set low speed settings. Simply select the best speed for your trolling needs, and you can troll until you reel in your target fish.

So, Which Jet ski Should You Choose?

You can’t go wrong with the top three fishing jet skis that we’ve mentioned. For storage and fuel capacity, opt for the Kawasaki Ultra LX. If you frequently troll, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout 300 Jet Ski will fit the bill. On the other hand, the Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser HO is best if you want the best of both worlds.